Chocolate Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

The color of peekapoo is considered as a trait of the parent breeds which is inherited to the new born. The change in color cannot affect the personality of peekapoo. Talking about the personality of peekapoo, they are affectionate dogs. They love everyone around and mostly the kids. They are kids friendly and like to play with them. Peekapoo are the designer dogs with outclass personality traits. They are rare and have perfect qualities a dog should have. They have charming looks and heavy fur coat.

    The color of fur coat depends on the color of parent breeds involved in breeding. Peekapoo is a fusion of two royal dogs i.e. pekingese and poodle. The color of peekapoo specifically depend on the color of poodle dog. Peekapoo are lovable dogs and love to socialize. They like making new friends and become aggressive when they find something offensive around. They are small sized dogs with an attitude of a super man. They are good at protecting their family. They when find something offensive sive, they start barking and fighting with him. They fight like a super man against any offensive thing.

    Chocolate Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

    Chocolate Color Peekapoo Temperament

    Peekapoos usually have a calm attitude and does not become aggressive at all. They are friendly and kind hearted dogs. It is safe to leave kids with peekapoo. They are the real protectors of the family. They usually loose their temperament when they found any stranger spying on the family or house. They are home and appartment friendly. They have calm attitude and a jolly one. They are the lap dogs and can spend whole day long by sleeping or lying in the lap. The color of coat does not affect the temperament of dog. The Temperament is a trait which is transferred from parents to their young ones.

    Chocolate Color Peekapoo Characters

    The apparent characters of peekapoo usually resembles with poodle dog. The ideal peekapoo can be obtained when poodle as a male parent and pekingees as a female parent are breeded together. Then as a result the peekapoo born is according to the demand. The color of peekapoo usually depends on the color of poodle involved in breeding. The poodle dog has variety of colors and are available in almost all dark colors. According to the color of pppdle dog the color of peekapoo is designed. The color of peekapoo is chocolate when chocolate color or dark brown colored poodle dog is involved in breeding. The pekingese dog has long length coat and have silly hair on coat.

    The dark brown or chocolate color is not available in the pekingees breed. So the fusion of dark brown poodle and the pekinhes will lead to chocolate colored peekapoo. The eyes of peekapoo usually resemble with the eyes of poodle dog the barking style and long length hair of pekingees are transferred to peekapoo. Other traits and characters of peekapoo are the mixture of pekingees and poodle dog.

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