CPT Code For Excision Of Mass

Excision is a simple surgical procedure which is performed to remove out growths (mass) like moles, lesions and tumors. The procedure can be done with scalpel, laser or a sharp razor. Then an electrode is used to feather edges of scar to be less noticeable.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Soft Tissue Mass

    The procedure of excision can be performed in benign soft tissue tumor mass on the body.  It is very effective. The soft tissue mass is picked with forceps and then cut off with a razor or scalpel. The CPT code for excisional procedure is 21930.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Mass

    CPT Code For Excision Of Axillary Mass

    The axillary lymph nodes are present near armpit and the mass appeared on this region can be removed with excision. Simply the mass is picked with forceps and then this excessive mass is cut off with a laser or razor. CPT code is 24071.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Chest Wall Mass

    The chest wall may develop an abnormal mass growth on the surface of chest which is removed with excision. The procedure involves the cutting of soft mass with the help of sharp razor, scalpel or laser involving the reconstruction of thoracic wall. The CPT code is 19271.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Umbilical Mass

    Sometimes the umbilical cord got some soft tissue mass and this soft mass can be removed with the help of excision. The process of excision involves a cut to remove the excessive mass and the skin stitched back for healing. The CPT code is 49250.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Perianal Mass

    The excision of outgrowth appeared on perianal region is a bit tricky but easy. The tissues surrounding tumor should be removed along with mass for complete removal. By stretching the mass, it is cut off with sharp razor. The CPT code used for this procedure is 0184T.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Axillary Soft Tissue Mass

    When a soft tissue mass is found on the axillary lymph nodes region, excision is the preferred treatment for that. The excessive soft tissues are cut off including the surrounding tissues. Electrode may be used to eliminate scarring. CPT code is 21930.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Scrotal Mass

    The outgrowth appeared on scrotum in males is removed surgically through excision. The tumor is cut off with a sharp razor and then skin is stitched back to heal completely. The CPT code range for this procedure is 11420 to 11426.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Subcutaneous Mass

    The soft mass which involves the subcutaneous layer of skin is subcutaneous mass and is removed with excision. A small cut is made to remove all of tumor from the skin and stitches are used to heal the skin. The CPT code for this procedure is 16000 to 16646.

    CPT Code For Excision Of Buttock Mass

    The tumor outgrowth if appear on buttocks, it can be easily removed with simple procedure of excision. The excision involves cutting of the excessive mass and stitching back skin or eliminating scarring with electrode. The CPT code is either 21930 or 27047.

    CPT Code For Excisional Of Abdominal Wall Mass

    The abdominal wall tumor mass is easiest to remove with excision. The process involves a razor to cut off excessive tumor mass along with the surrounding tissues for complete removal and electrode is used to eliminate scarring. The CPT code is 22900.

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