Simangus Cattle Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

Simangus cattle is a mixed breed of Simmental cattle and Angus cattle breed. Simangus cattle are in high demand all over Australia because of its beef production. The proportion of Simmental and Angus cattle is between ⅛ to ⅞ for both. The percentage of the mix can be defined by the farmers according to their demand. In the 20th century, this breed was developed on demand to achieve the highest qualities of both the Simmental and Angus cattle breed. The performance and market value of Simangus cattle are high. The best traits or characteristics of both the parent breeds are combined in Simangus cattle.

    Simangus Cattle Disadvantages

    The Simangus cattle are developed with the breeding of the best two cattle breeds, so there are little or no disadvantages associated with it. Keeping in view the disadvantages of both Simmental and Angus cattle, the mix breed can be aggressive. The breed is expensive and not every farmer can afford it. As they have a big size, they require large pastures and feed. Sometime the calving becomes difficult because of their large size. Their meat production is good which makes them highlighted in the modern beef industry. These disadvantages are not in notice in front of the advantages of Simangus cattle.

    Simangus Cattle Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

    Simangus Cattle Advantages

    The main advantages of Simangus cattle include weaning weight, pounds post gain, the efficiency of converting feed to weight, carcass weight, ease in calving procedure, the flexibility of percentage choice, efficient marbling property as compared to other breeds, the flexibility of percentage puberty and easy maternal calving procedure. These cattle are also good at fighting. They have good shear force. Simangus cattle are developed to obtain more efficient and economical production of beef. Their beef is tender and today it is in high demand by the consumers. All these advantages make Simangus cattle breed important in the beef industry.

    Simangus Cattle Facts

    Simangus cattle have mixed features of both Simmental and Angus cattle breed. These are moderate to large-sized cattle. The color of their body is either red or solid black. They are naturally polled and does not require effort to dehorn them. The average weight of mature Simangus bulls is about 1000 to 3000 kg whereas mature cows weigh about 500 to 700 kg. Their growth rate is very good. They grow faster in the pattern of an ideal fattening. They are docile and farmers find it easy to work with them. Their fertility and milking abilities are very good. They graze well in the pastures and require large fields.

    Simangus Cattle Price

    Simangus cattle are specially developed to gain more benefits than disadvantages. These cattle are great beef producers and their beef is in high demand in the market. Their high demand affects the price of these cattle and makes it high. The average price range of a mature Simangus cattle is 2200 to 3700 dollars. The bigger or heavier the cattle is, high will be the price. A 2-year-old Simangus calve can be sold at a price of 2500 dollars. Simangus cattle are now available throughout the world, so the prices may differ according to the location or region. Their beef is sold separately for good income.

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