Nerve Block CPT Code

A nerve block is a pain reduction injection. It reduces the inflammation and stops the signals of pain associated with a specified nerve. The imaging guidance is required for nerve block injection to find the exact location of the nerve. The more specific cause of the pain can be identified along with pain relief and damage nerve healing.

    CPT Code For Occipital Nerve Block

    The nerve block injection when injected into the occipital nerve for pain relief, is known as the occipital nerve block. The injection may contain painkillers or steroids which are injected into the specific defective part of a nerve. The CPT code for this injection is 64405.

    CPT Code For Genicular Nerve Block

    A genicular nerve block is a diagnostic procedure for the determination of arthritis and meniscal tears in the knee joint. It treats the inflammation of the knee joint due to pathological changes. The procedure is performed under imaging guidance. The CPT code is 64450.

    Adductor Canal Block CPT Code

    The adductor canal block is a pain killer injection for pure sensory nerve block. This is injected after the knee surgery with a needle for post-treatment pain relief. The injection is administered to the specific site of nerve for greater effect. The CPT code is 64448.

    CPT Code For Popliteal Nerve Block

    A popliteal nerve block is an injection in the popliteal fossa (sciatic nerve) for pain reduction. This nerve block injection is beneficial in lower limb surgeries (foot and ankle). The CPT code reported for a sciatic nerve block is 64445 and for saphenous popliteal is 64450.

    CPT Code For Lumbar Medial Branch Block

    Lumbar medial branch block injection is used for the diagnosis of a patient’s back pain caused due to the facet joint. Nerve block injection is injected to numb the tissues surrounding facet joints (small joints between vertebrae and spine). This procedure is under the CPT code 64490.

    CPT Code For Lumbar Sympathetic Block

    A lumbar sympathetic block is a pain reduction injection. It reduces pain in the lower back and legs (sciatic pain). Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is treated with this injection. Pain medication is injected into the sympathetic nerves surrounding the lumbar region. The lumbar sympathetic nerve block injection is assigned to the code 64520.

    CPT Code For Supraclavicular Nerve Block

    Supraclavicular nerve block injection is commonly used to relieve postoperative pain. Supraclavicular nerve blocks have successfully replaced other anesthetic techniques. The effect of anesthesia may remain for about 6 to 8 hours. The CPT code for this procedure is 64413.

    CPT Code For Stellate Ganglion Block

    Stellate ganglion block is a numbing medication used for pain relief. With this injection the pain sensations around the voice box in the neck. It relieves pain, inflammation and improves mobility. The CPT code for this is 64510.

    CPT Code For Intercostal Nerve Block

    Intercostal muscles are located under ribs. Nerve block injection is injected in intercostal muscles for pain relief due to surgical incision or herpes zoster infection. When the tissues surrounding intercostal muscles get inflamed, it causes pain. The CPT code is 64421 and 64420.

    CPT Code For Fascia Iliaca Block For Pain Relief

    Fascia iliaca block is a nerve block which works as a local anesthetic. It is a type of local anesthesia used for hip and thigh pain management. Imaging guidance i.e. ultrasound is required to inject this injection. With fascia iliaca nerve block, obturator, femoral and lateral cutaneous nerves are affected. CPT code is 64447.

    CPT Code For Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

    A sphenopalatine block is an anesthetic injection that is injected inside the nerves of the ganglion. The pain sensations from the brain are blocked with this injection and relieves pain. The best way to inject a sphenopalatine ganglion block is through the nose. The CPT code is 64505.

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