What is average Life Span of PeekaPoo?

Peekapoo are small dogs with an adorable outlook. They deserve love, companionship and affection. People loves to keep dogs as their companions for life and Peekapoo is a worth keeping companion. As it is a fusion breed of two different dogs i.e. poodle and Pekingese so, it has mixture of characteristics in them. Their characteristics may vary according to the dominant characteristics. To completely understand the characteristics of Peekapoo, we need to know about the parent breeds. Poodles are of various sizes.

Their size may vary from large standard poodle to a tiny toy poodle. Pekingese breed of dogs is good to keep at home. They are called lap dogs and they also keep an eye on the house to protect it from strangers. These are not the best choice to keep in a house with children because they are a bit intolerant to man handling.

What is average Life Span of PeekaPoo

Taking about the life span of Peekapoo, it lives a bit longer than the parent breeds. In every fusion breed, the life span of the fused breed increases than the parent breeds. Same is the case with Peekapoos. Poodle breed of dogs live for about 14 years (this is an average count) and Pekingese breed of dogs live for almost 1 to 15 years. The pure breed fusion dogs may have little life span as compared to the cross breed dogs. It is a fact that the dogs which are smaller in size live longer as compared to dogs with large size.

This also makes the life span of a Peekapoo longer. A Peekapoo lives for about 10 to 15 years maximum (this is an average count).

There are various movies of Hollywood in which Peekapoo is a home dog showed. People love to keep it. It develops a strong bond with the family members in a very short time period. It is easy to carry anywhere and has good adaptability to the environment. Peekapoo can be kept at home easily. They are possessive about their food, so the family has to focus on its diet as well.

There is a movie in Hollywood, which is all based on the loyalty of a Peekapoo towards its family. It did not think about its own and protect his family from a stranger. This movie shows its loyalty towards the family. There are various characteristics of Peekapoo which makes it special and adorable. The outer look of Peekapoo shows resemblance towards Pekingese more. The size of Peekapoo also varies according to the size of parent breed involved. If the poodle is of small toy sized, then the height of Peekapoo may be affected. Likewise the life span of Peekapoo can also be affected.

There are other factors too which also contribute towards its long life like healthy diet and the comfortable environment. Peekapoos are conscious about their food, so good food makes them attached more to the family. They protect their families in turn of the affection and care provided by the family.

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