How to Train a PeekaPoo Not to Bite

Peekapoo are nice personality dogs. They are calm and do not become aggressive on small things. They are the designer dogs with royal qualities because pekingees is a royal dog. Peekapoo is a fusion of two main dog breeds i.e. pekingese and poodle dog. Peekapoo have mix characteristics of both the parent breeds. The biting style, barking and temperament majorly resembles with pekingees.

It is hard to train a peekapoo not to bite. During teething, the peekapoo tries to bite things around and chew with their jaws to relief the pain of teeth. Acquired biting inhibition is necessary to train a peekapoo not to bite. They usually bite when they feel pain in their teeth during teething. Like a toddler, they are the same. Biting and chewing things provide them comfort to relief their pain. In case of an adult peekapoo, they rarely bite anyone because they are trained to play with kids and family and be friendly. Whenever they see or observe something offensive, then they bark and if that offensive thing doesn't stop, peekapoo will start biting.

How to Train a PeekaPoo Not to Bite

There may be many reasons behind biting of peekapoo. They usually bark when they wants to alert the house about anything. There are many ways to train a peekapoo stop biting. But there are some tips which should be followed in every method of training. These tips include prevention of beating or slapping a puppy during the teething period of their life. As stopping the puppy from biting may train them in a wrong way.

Puppy may not bite anyone even if it is needed. Don't yell and spray on the peekapoo. Peekapoo puppy training needs a proper protocol which should be followed during training. Check how hard a peekapoo is biting. Try to Yelp and withdraw in case of harder bite. This will give a feedback to peekapoo that he is biting hard. During training peekapoo puppy needs proper rest and better arousal to learn things fast.

This will also improve the overall attachment and behavior of peekapoo with the master and family. Biting training should start from soft biting. If peekapoo bites softly to the master, this includes in the fun part but if peekapoo bites harder, suddenly step aside to let him know that he is not doing good.
During training, the 1st step is to reduce the pressure of bite i.e. it should be soft not hard and the 2nd step is to reduce the frequency of biting. Bite inhibition training is mostly effective when it is started at 9th week of growth of peekapoo puppy.

At the growth week 14 to 16 are not good for the bite inhibition training because, the teeth are now developed and there may be harder bite than before. If the bite inhibition training already started, then continue it but if the training has not started, then there is no need to start it later. Because it would not be effective at this stage. Let your puppy to play with other dogs to be disciplined and trained in a better way.

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