How to Train a PeekaPoo to Sit

Peekapoos are the good dogs to train. They are not hard to train. But there is one thing which makes the training effective which is the age. Training should be started in the initial stages of life. As it will last long and will be more effective than others. Training needs a proper protocol which covers all the factors of training.

Training a peekapoo for sitting and staying and walking need proper instructions. Simple and precise instructions are the most effective one and will keep peekapoo in check and safe in many other cases. The instructions should be clear and do not be harsh during training.

Peekapoos are usually stubborn and may take time to get trained. There are five main and essential commands which should be understand by the puppy. Be patient and polite while training a peekapoo. Peekapoos are intelligent dogs but needs time to be trained properly.

How to Train a PeekaPoo to Sit

The 1st basic command is "sit". The peekapoo puppy should be started training with sitting instructions. There is a basic way of training a peekapoo that will help a lot to let him understand the command. Be humble and make sure your instructions are clear enough to understand. Grab something appealing in your hand (try to pick something in the category of food) and bring it close to the nose of peekapoo puppy. Now slowly take the thing away from the nose of peekapoo. Make sure, you are taking it in the upside direction. The peekapoo puppy will follow the thing and will stand up behind it. Now hide the food item you have in your hand, and instruct the peekapoo puppy to sit back.

When peekapoo sits back to the same position, repeat the same process. This will help a lot in the understanding of instructions. The training will take time. Give the peekapoo puppy proper time to nap and be fresh up to the next training session. Training the peekapoo about sitting will help him to be safe in the crowded area and in dangerous situations. As peekapoo will be trained enough to understand about the situation and the actions he should perform in response to the situation.
In the crowded areas, the peekapoo will sit down in a corner , so that no one can hurt him and we will stand up when the situation becomes normal with less crowded environment.

During training Peekapoo will understand about sitting and walking around when it is needed. They are intelligent enough to pick any point on time but training takes a little bit of time. Peekapoo actively learns everything and respond on time. That's why they are called the protectors of the house. They start barking and moving around hastly whenever they see anything offensive. They can fight against the offensive thing like a super man. This is his pro activeness. The training of sitting of peekapoo puppy comes under the category of behavioral training. The purpose is to make the puppy obedient.

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