How to Train a Rescue PeekaPoo

A shelter Peekapoo is different from a rescue Peekapoo. The shelter dogs are mostly the dogs that are trained before by their master and rescue dogs are mostly the street dogs. When they get humiliated by anyone in the society, they get rescue by the rescue team. The rescue dogs may not be trained before by anyone. So while adapting a Peekapoo, ask the shelter care taker about the Peekapoo past.

A rescue dog will emotionally get attached to the new adapted family. No matter what will be the background of a Peekapoo, after adaption, he should be trained like a new born puppy. While choosing a Peekapoo, look in to the eyes, if he growls at you or get angry on you, then you should not adapt that dog because of his wild behavior.

If Peekapoo does not respond wildly, then you should go for Peekapoo. After adaption, the behavior of Peekapoo all depends upon the training you will give. The training protocols are the same and no more changes required. Usually the rescue dogs are wild in action and can harm anyone without identifying the intention of person. They are active dogs and needs proper attention while roaming around in the house. The master should keep an eye on rescue Peekapoo so that he could not harm anyone.

How to Train a Rescue PeekaPoo

Rescue dogs need affection and love with respect which attracts them the most. Peekapoos are affectionate dogs themselves. It would be better to keep Peekapoo in a crate cage. In crate cage, Peekapoo will learn a lot of things. 1st of all he will learn to be obedient and be in a place. Potty train a Peekapoo so that he could not spread a mess around. Feeding a Peekapoo on same place for more than a week will help in training of food time. Sometimes let the Peekapoo out of the cage and train him about how to sit and walk on command. Train Peekapoo to sit and stay in a place for longer duration. That’s how Peekapoo will be trained to be in lap for longer. Train Peekapoo not to bite and bark on kids.

Train Peekapoo how to walk on leash with a collar or without collar. The pulling of collar gives an idea to Peekapoo how to walk and turn. This will train Peekapoo how to walk in crowded area and in society. They will be trained to walk like a proper attitude. Crate caging will also train a Peekapoo about how to keep an eye on surrounding. That’s how Peekapoo will learn to check the intensity of negativity around. Peekapoo are not aggressive but only attacks the strangers. They need proper training on how to identify stranger intensions.

The training of Peekapoo is not different for rescue Peekapoo because rescue Peekapoo require training to be kept at home with family. This will require patience and time because it is hard to turn a street dog in to a home dog.

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