How to Train a Shelter PeekaPoo

Adoption of a dog from a shelter house or rescue institute is a great job. A rescue or shelter dog becomes a good pet. Because they are adopted from a shelter house to your own home with family and kids, this creates a strong bond between Peekapoo and the family. There may be many reasons behind their landing in shelter house but it needs little patience and time, Peekapoo will get trained and will serve your family. Peekapoo will adjust himself according your life style and your family.

The adopted dog may be already obedient or not. If Peekapoo is an obedient dog already then there will be fewer struggles required for training him. He may not get familiar with family in short period of time so patience is required to train a Peekapoo. Variety of dogs are available in the shelter house, it is hard to pick one for our home. Peekapoos are the smallest and designer breed having good qualities. Peekapoo are selected over other breeds of dogs because of his friendly nature and protection for the family.

How to Train a Shelter PeekaPoo

After bringing home a Peekapoo, keep a separate place for him because he is not familiar with the family kind of environment. Although they love to socialize and make new friends but it takes time. A crate cage is preferable to keep Peekapoo because it is not known that if he is trained about biting or not. So keeping him in crate cage is a good decision. Keeping in crate cage, Peekapoo will learn about potty training.

Whenever Peekapoo is brought outside the cage, let him play in a fence yard and walk around the house to keep an eye on him. Do not let him play with your kids before proper biting and barking training. Dogs usually learn fast when kept in crate cage. Feeding time of Peekapoo should be fixed and in the crate but later on, try to serve him food in crate so that he get trained about eating food without spreading it around.

At the time of adaption, the age of Peekapoo does not matter, you have to treat him like a puppy and train him about everything. Train him about potty training, to sit, to stay on your command, to walk on your orders, to walk on leash according to your will and train him not to bite and bark on house members. Peekapoo are good with people because they love to socialize with others and are to be kept at home instead of shelter homes.

If you have another pet in your house, then try to introduce your already existing pet with the shelter Peekapoo, and observe their tolerance. If they tolerate each other for a specific time, you can bring home shelter Peekapoo but if he does not bear the presence of other pet, do not let him in your house. Usually Peekapoo get familiar and tolerate other pets because of their friendly nature and socialization.

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