PeekaPoo Puppy Price

Peekapoo has different price range in different areas of country. They are available all over the world. They are the designer dogs’ i.e. fusion of Pekingese and poodle. The parent breeds involved in the breeding are royal breeds that’s why they are not common everywhere. There are some specific places in the world where they are easily available. There are different prices of Peekapoo in different regions of the world. Prices of Peekapoo also vary according to the demand of people. Size of Peekapoo and the type of Peekapoo also matters in case of prices. So there are multiple factors affecting the price of Peekapoo.

Here are some of the prices of Peekapoo in different regions of the world. They are expensive dogs with high prices. The price range of a Peekapoo puppy is from 250 USD dollars to 1500 USD dollars. There is a difference in price of Peekapoo in adult and puppy Peekapoo. The gender of Peekapoo for sale also creates a difference in price. The females are comparatively expensive than male Peekapoos.

PeekaPoo Puppy Price

The smaller the Peekapoo will be in age, the higher will be the prices. Like a Peekapoo puppy of 3 weeks of age is for sale in 950 USD dollars but another Peekapoo of age 8 weeks is for sale in 650 USD dollars. So the size and age of Peekapoo creates a difference. Here is another case, in which a Peekapoo of black and white in color is for sale in 800 USD dollars at an age of 8 weeks on the other hand, a Peekapoo of same age i.e. 8 weeks is for sale in pure black color in 650 USD dollars.

Now here is a case of comparison of prices between male and female Peekapoo. A female Peekapoo is for sale of age 9 weeks in 950 USD dollars whereas a male Peekapoo is for sale of age 8 weeks in 650 USD dollars. So gender also affects the prices of Peekapoo dog. Peekapoo are very nice dogs and everyone wants to keep him in their houses for playing with kids and for protection but the high prices of Peekapoo does not let everyone buy him.

There is a trick in selling a Peekapoo, if a Peekapoo is well groomed and is of unique color, then the other Peekapoos then automatically the seller will demand a high price for the Peekapoo puppy. The prices of Peekapoo puppies are low as compare to prices of adult Peekapoo. This is because the puppy Peekapoo are not trained and are sensitive too and will easily get attached to the family but an adult Peekapoo is trained and fully grown up with hairstyle and grooming. This will create a difference in their prices.

A new born Peekapoo will be cheap as compare to other grown up Peekapoo puppies because the seller have not spent money on the new born and have not trained him but still they are not cheap enough to afford by everyone.

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