Red Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

Peekapoo has a great personality. As he is a designer dog so his characteristics are ideal. He is a fusion of two main parent breeds i.e. poodle and Pekingese. These parent breeds are royal breeds and were kept by famous royal families. Peekapoo has a mixture of characteristics of both parent breeds. He is affectionate and charming. His personality is attractive. They do not harm anyone without any offense. They are not aggressive and only become angry when they see a negative activity around them or the family. They are kids friendly and love to socialize around. They make new friends and love to play with them.

    They are loveable dogs and fluffy too which can be kept in lap for longer and lay with them. They are the protectors of the family. They keep an eye on all the activities around them. They are keen observers and are considered as a spy cam of the house. They are small enough to settle in a small corner of the house and keep an eye on everything. They are a little moody and can easily make their master agree to take them out.

    Red Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

    Red color Peekapoo Temperament

    Red color Peekapoo are very rare. They are chill dogs and love to spread love instead of hate. Peekapoo are cute looking but sometimes when they see anything offensive around them they become angry. They start barking loudly and sometimes can jump on the person they found offensive around them. They can also bite him. They are intelligent enough to identify an evil entity around them. They are usually very cool dogs and love to play with people around but they can fight against a big truck if needed. They are strong dogs besides their small size.

    Red Color Peekapoo Characteristics

    Red color Peekapoo are very rare. They can be obtained by breeding two specific colors of parent breeds. The red color of Peekapoo is not the pure red color but it gives a dark brown shade in their fur. They are attractive looking dogs and can be seen from far side because of their color. They have appealing appearance. Besides the color of Peekapoo, the personality, temperament and characteristics remain the same in every Peekapoo. They have smooth fur coat on their body which may be slightly straight or slightly curly.

    This is because the fur of poodle dog breed is curly in texture and fur of Pekingese is straight and long in texture. They have small eyes but round in shape like poodle. Their royal attitude is like Pekingese. They are small in size and are available in three main sizes i.e. miniature Peekapoo, toy Peekapoo and teacup Peekapoo. The size of Peekapoo depends on the size of parent breeds involved in breeding. Usually people prefer teacup Peekapoo for their kids and family because they are small in size and can be carries anywhere easily. Red color Peekapoo are not available easily and can be obtained after long research.

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