White Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

White color peekapoo is a very good companion to keep. They are lovely dogs with an affectionate behavior. They are protectors of the family. White color peekapoo are very rare and can be obtained after a log wait. The two parent breeds involved in the breeding are poodle and pekingees. They are friendly and can be kept with kids at home. They are the designer dogs and are breeded according to the demand i.e. the color of coat, eyes and height etc are considered the parameters to breed. Peekapoo has a great personality and are choose over different other breeds. They have charming looks and have protective nature.

    They are cute looking dogs but one should not underestimate their strength. They fight actively against any offensive thing or person. They are very active and keep an eye on activities happening around them. They are lively dogs and intelligent ones. They have a calm personality. They love to play with kids in a fence yard and in apartment. They are home friendly dogs and love to socialize. They are Keen observers of the house and are lap dogs. They can spend their whole day lying in lap of their master.

    White Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

    White Color Peekapoo Temperament

    White color peekapoo has calm personality and are not aggressive. They have good temperature and good sense of humor. They usually bark at strangers to alert the other members of family. They loved to play with kids and do not tolerate young or adults playing around them. They do not like it. They only get comfortable with their family members. They take some time to be frank and comfortable with the guests. They may loose their temperament when they find something offensive or spying on them.

    White Color Peekapoo Characters

    Characters of white color peekapoo differ from others. Because the characters totally depend on the characters of parent dogs involved in breeding. If a white color poodle and a white color pekingees are breeded together, a white color pekingees with a touch of black may produce. To get pure white color of peekapoo, one have to wait long because pure white color of peekapoo cannot be obtained at 1st attempt. They are rare in number and are obtained after multiple breeding. Pure white color is appealing and is expensive too.

    Peekapoo with white coat looks charming and cute. The other characters of peekapoo depends on the parent breeds. They have rounded eyes which mostly resembles poodle dog. They have slight curly hair on coat but mostly the hair looks straight. The curly touch is because of poodle dog breed and silky touch is because of pekingees dog breed. The personality traits of peekapoo are also dependent on the parent breeds. White color peekapoo are more appealing to kids. They consider them their toy and like to play with them. Their small size also make them cute. The other characters are almost same in all the peekapoos.

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