Adult PeekaPoo Dog Size

Peekapoos are of various sizes, depending on the size of poodle involved in breeding with pekingese. According to the size of poodle i.e. toy poodle, miniature poodle and teacup poodle, peekapoo is also available in teacup, toy and adult peekapoo size. The sizes of peekapoo are not too big. Peekapoos are small dogs which can be kept at home easily and can fit anywhere in the house. Teacup peekapoo size is the smallest size of peekapoo. Toy peekapoo size is slightly bigger than teacup peekapoo size. An adult peekapoo is a fully grown peekapoo which is trained.

There is a range of weight and height which shows the size of peekapoo. The height has a range of 10 to 12 inches and weight has range of small to medium 8 to 18 pounds. According to the size of peekapoo, there are some types like companion dog, watch dogs, designer dog and toy dog. An adult peekapoo is fully grown dog. He is trained to protect the loved ones and keep an eye on everything. Adult peekapoo size has fully grown fur coat over it. The coat has long hair. Peekapoo grows in to an adult peekapoo within 1 year and then he lives about 10 to 13 years maximum. Because their life span is of 13 years maximum.

Adult PeekaPoo Dog Size

Peekapoo can litter up to 2 to 6 puppies. This is their capacity and he does not exceed from 6 puppies. An adult peekapoo has all the qualities of peekapoo dog. They are affectionate, a good companion, playfully, kids friendly, home friendly, they do not bite, they are cheerful, they are loyal, they are protective and can fight against a truck if they think it will harm their loved ones. They are a good company to keep.

They are the lap dogs and can be in lap for longer time. They are hypoallergenic and do not cause allergies to kids and other person. Their fur do not shed regularly, their fur oftenly shed. Not only kids, peekapoos are also good with the pets of house. They have a shrill voice and when they bark, they can alert the whole house about the stranger.

Peekapoos were 1st bred in United States of America. They are not common. The 1st generation peekapoo are available but at higher prices and 2nd generation peekapoo are rare. Qualities of 1st generation peekapoo are ideal. Pekingese and poodle dog are bred together to have peekapoo dog with good qualities. Peekapoo is also tried to bred with poodle or pekingees dog but this is rare. Still peekapoos 1st generation is ideal.

Pekingese are the royal dogs and are kept by the royal families. That's why peekapoos are also of great worth. Poodle are good dogs in case of qualities and pekingese are good in case of neatness and protective factor. When they both are bred together, the resultant peekapoo has qualities of both the parent breeds. That's why peekapoo is an ideal dog and a good companion dog.

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