Are PeekaPoos Hypoallergenic?

Peekapoo are the home dogs or we can say apartment dogs which can be kept without any serious health problem. Peekapoos are the mixture breed of two main dog breeds i.e. pekingees and poodle, so they contains the mixture of traits or qualities from both parent breeds. Peekapoo are considered as hypoallergenic dog breed because they shed their fur coat gradually. They have low shedding rate and rarely cause any allergy to others.

Hypoallergenic means the tendency to cause allergy is very low. So peekapoo are considered the perfect dog to keep at home. Peekapoo is a designer breed which is specially designed to get a desired dog breed with more qualities. One of the parent breed i.e. poodle dog breed is hypoallergenic in nature and does not cause allergy to their loved ones when they pick him up and play with him. On the other hand, pekingees parent dog breed are not hypoallergenic and can cause allergies on touch. So the hypoallergenic trait is inherited from poodle dog breed. Poodle dog is preferred as a father dog during breeding with pekingees and pekingees is preferred as a mother dog. This will help to get the desired results of peekapoo breed.

Are PeekaPoos Hypoallergenic?

People usually keep peekapoo along with them anywhere. Peekapoos are easy to carry because of his small size and light weight. Most of the time they relax in the lap of their master or loved one, this makes their bond strong. People keep him in their lap without any kind of hesitation because they know , peekapoo will not cause any problem (allergy) to their body or skin.

When peekapoo shed their fur coat rarely, they also require grooming at the same time. They require grooming to look fresh and allergy free. People love to keep him with them because of his good company. They feel relax when they pull fingers in their fur again and again without any hesitation. All the traits of peekapoo are good. But there is a variation in characteristics between 1st generation peekapoo dog breed and 2nd generation peekapoo dog breed.

In 1st generation peekapoo dog breed, the shedding rate is low and they rarely shed with proper grooming. But in case of 2nd generation peekapoo dog breed, the shedding rate may increase. 2nd generation of peekapoo is obtained when 2 peekapoos are bred together. So the chances of hypoallergenicity also decreases. Usually the 2nd generation peekapoo dog breed is not considered the ideal dog breed and is rarely found. The characters of both generation differ from each other. 1st generation peekapoo are ideal.

They are willingly adopted to kept as a companion for life. But due to their limited life span, they cannot live for longer time in human life. At some point in life they die. Dogs are the loyal creature, so peekapoo is. Peekapoo is a strong dog like a shepherd which can fight with anyone for their loved ones and small like a toy which can be kept easily at home.

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