Black Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

Black color peekapoo is a good companion dog. They are friendly with the members of the house. Peekapoo is a toy dog breed which is a fusion of two main breeds i.e. poodle and pekingees. These two dogs are royal dogs and we're kept by the royal families. That's why peekapoo has some royal attitude. They are moody and do not get comfortable with the strangers. Black color peekapoo has black color fur coat and most likely look like a dog for protection of house. Black color peekapoo shows a good impact on the New comers in house, because they become beware of the dog.

    Peekapoo with black color fur coat cannot hide in the house because of their appealing color. They are charming dogs with limited socializing attitude. Usually peekapoo has a black color coat when poodle with black fur coat is involved in breeding with pekingees. A peekapoo with full black color is very rare. Usually peekapoo has light greyish and brown color of their fur coat. They are very affectionate dogs and have special quality of protection of their loved ones. They can be kept with children without any worries.

    Black Color Peekapoo Temperament

    Peekapoo is a perfect lap dog who can sit in your lap the whole day and enjoy your company. It also entertains you and your family. They are moody and can make you agree about taking them out within minutes. They are super cute and appealing. Black color peekapoo has a calm temperament but when they find something offensive around then they become aggressive with in no time and can fight against that thing like a super man. They are loyal dogs and are trustworthy. It is important to take peekapoo outside the house for interaction with new people to control their excessive protectiveness.

    Black Color PeekaPoo Personality, Temperament, Character

    Black Color Peekapoo Characters

    Black color peekapoo are small sized dogs and are considered as toy dog breed. Their sizes vary according to the poodle breed involved in the breeding. The sizes available are toy peekapoo, teacup peekapoo and miniature peekapoo. Black color peekapoo are very rare dog and can be obtained by breeding pure black coat color poodle with grayish coat color of pekingees. Multiple breeding of these colors are required to obtain pure black color of peekapoo. At 1st time breeding, this color cannot be obtained. All these characters of appearance depends on the characters of parent breeds involved in breeding.

    Peekapoo are active and energetic dogs. They are jumping around the house and entertaining everyone. They need proper exercise on daily basis and are good with a long walk and romp in the yard. They are excellent watchdogs and like to bark as an activity. They have rounded eyes and slight curly coat texture because of the poodle breed. Pekingees have silly long length fur coat and have smooth texture. The face features mostly resembles with poodle dog and and the length of fur coat resembles with pekingese dog.

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