PeekaPoo Chihuahua Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

Peekapoo Chihuahua mix is a dog breed which is a fusion of two parent breeds i.e. peekapoo and chihuahua dog breed. They are breeded to obtain a dog with mix qualities of these two dogs. Peekapoo itself is a designer dog and is fusion of poodle and pekingees. Chihuahua dog is named after a state I.e. Chihuahua mexico and is considered as smallest breed of the dogs. The mixture of peekapoo and chihuahua dog breeds is a rare breed which can be breeded on demand of any person. These are expensive breeds.

    Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix Personality

    Peekapoo Chihuahua mix dogs have personality traits of both parent breeds. Peekapoo are friendly dogs with highly protective nature. They are the most home compatible dogs. They are kids friendly as well. Chihuahua dogs are confident dogs and we can say they suffer from small dog syndrome. They are not trained like the large sized dogs. The peekapoo Chihuahua mix dogs have both the traits. They are small sized and confident dogs. They do not love socializing and remain friendly with their loved ones. They are not the ideal dogs to be kept at home.

    PeekaPoo Chihuahua Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

    Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix Size

    Peekapoo Chihuahua mix dogs has an average size of 8 to 9 inches. Chihuahua dog breed is considered the smallest dog breed with an average height of 6 to 9 inches and peekapoo has an average height of 9 to 12 inches. So the fusion of these two breeds led to a small sized dog with 8 to 9 inches of height. The weight of Chihuahua varies with the passage of time instead of height. The average weight of Chihuahua is 2.7 kg. The weight should not exceed from 2.7 kg in Chihuahua. Peekapoo have an average weight of 8 to 18 pounds i.e. 4 to 9 kg.

    Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix Temperament

    Peekapoo Chihuahua mix dogs may have temperament mixture of both breeds. If the temperament of both parent breeds are different, then the mix dog will have temperament of either mother or father parent. Peekapoo are affectionate and protective. They are lovable dogs with a cheerful company. They are loyal to their family and loved ones. Chihuahua does not like socializing and rarely need classes of obedience, training, about socializing and appropriate exercises. So the mix breed of these two dogs will have either of the above mentioned Temperament.

    Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix Growth

    Usually a puppy takes about a year to be fully grown and trained. Same in the case of peekapoo Chihuahua mix dog. They become adult at the month 6th or 7th and within a year they become fully trained adult dogs. Peekapoo needs a year to be an adult with proper training and Chihuahua becomes adult after 6 months but still needs time to be comfortable with everyone so he also needs a year to be trained. Training starts when dog start walking And moving around on it's own. They start socializing with the environment and people around them and get trained.

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