PeekaPoo Full Grown

PeekaPoo is a small adorable dog with a lot of special qualities. He is so lovely to keep at home as a companion. He is a good company, no one gets bore when peekapoo is with him/her. Peekapoo is a small sized dog because of the small height of pekingees. As he is a designer breed of two parent breeds i.e. poodle dog breed and pekingees dog breed.

These two dog breeds has special qualities which are inherited to peekapoos making him special. Talking about the growth of peekapoo dog, he gets fully grown when he achieve a specific height and a weight. A fully grown peekapoo is 11 inches tall. So a peekapoo with 11 inches height is considered a fully grown dog which stops growing further. Same in the case of weight. Peekapoo has a weight range too. When he achieves this specific weight, it means peekapoo has fully grown. The weight range is 15 to 20 pounds.

PeekaPoo Full Grown

This is an average count of weight but the ideal weight considered is less than 14 pounds (7 kg). The time required by a peekapoo to be fully grown is around 10 to 16 months. The pure breeds has small life span as compared to the designer breeds. The poodle dog breed stop growing after 6 to 8 months of age. Usually the growth stops at 6 months of age. After 6 months they achieve their target weight and height. In case of pekingees the fully grown dog has weight 3.6 kg to 4.5 kg and Height 15 to 23 cm.

The growth steps of peekapoo are characterized according to the days passing. In the 1st week of birth, peekapoo requires attention and proper feeding. He is fully covered in fur. His front jaws are stronger as compared to back one. In the 1st 10 days of peekapoo life, he grows fastly and double the weight. In the 2nd week of growth, peekapoos mother give him attention and licks to make his system works good. Peekapoo finally open his eyes but still can't focus. In the 3rd week, peekapoo starts standing and sitting. The 1st teeth are cut off and puppy start eating.

In the 4th week of growth, he starts walking and moving around the place. He becomes more active than before. In this week the puppy will cut his back teeth and gets weaning. In the 5th week of development and growth, peekapoo is a proper dog who can run around and play with the family. He barks and bites.

Here the training starts. His mother trains him initially about no biting and no barking on the loved ones. Now peekapoo will eat proper food 5 to 6 times a week. In the 7th week he starts socializing with the environment and the family members including humans. In the 8th week, peekapoo is ready for a new life. In the time duration of 8 to 12 weeks, peekapoo become fully familiar with the environment and people around him. He can easily recognize a stranger with bad thoughts. He is a fully grown dog.

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