PeekaPoo Personality Traits

Peekapoo is an adorable dog breed which can be kept at home easily. It is fusion of 2 well groomed and trained breeds i.e. puddle and pekingees. Peekapoo is a small sized designer breed and is easy to handle. Peekapoo is a puppy with a great personality and a great companion. They don't need any company, they usually enjoy their own company. They have protective nature and can protect their loved ones. They can protect their guardians and their loved ones without thinking of their own. We can't underestimate their courage by looking at their small size.

Talking about the physical appearance of peekapoo, it is small in size and easy to carry in hands and keep in lap for hours. It has long silky hair which makes it look beautiful. The fur coat can be of white, black, brown or mixture of these three colors. The height of peekapoo is about 11 inches and is light weight. Peekapoo is not a breed itself but is the mixture of puddle and pekingees breed. The weight of peekapoo ranges from 9 to 20 pounds but weight less than 14 pounds is ideal.

PeekaPoo Personality

Peekapoo dog is very loyal to his loved ones. He can die protecting his family and loved ones. He does not think about his own self and protect like a soldier. He is a real fighter himself despite of his small size. Even he can fight against a monster truck to protect his family. It is inside his personality. This trait has been inherited from pekingees. Pekingees are the real protectors and keep an eye on everything just lying in the middle of the house. Pekingees works as a spy cam in house because they keep an eye on every activity happening in the house but be silent.

They easily smell a stranger and his bad thoughts plus evil eyes. Peekapoo are good watch dogs because their sound is so loud and their barking style is like a soldier dog. They start barking when they see anything happening strange in the house. They work as an alarm to the house. Other then this, they are really gentle and rarely combative.

They play with the kids and also protect them from any external environment. They become familiar with any kind of living setting. They are also known as apartment dogs because they are mostly apartment friendly. They love to be in a fence yard where they can run and play with the loved ones. Peekapoo requires regular exercise and walk for good fitness. These are his requirements which makes him develop a good personality. He is a good companion which can be kept in the lap and in hands because of his light weight. He responds suddenly and according to the expression of his master or loved ones.

He develops his personality by utilizing his traits he received from his parent breeds. Poodle dog is gentle and caring and small in size and pekingees dog is loud, protective and a bit bigger in size so peekapoo dog is the mixture of these two personalities.

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