PeekaPoo Pomeranian Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

Peekapoo Pomeranian mix breed dog is a fusion of two dogs i.e. peekapoo and Pomeranian. Peekapoo itself is a designer breed dog which is a fusion of two main dog breeds i.e. poodle dog breed and pekingese dog breed.  Pomeranian dog is a descendant of large sled dog breeds. They are small sized dogs which can be kept at home without any fear. They are not designer dogs and is a proper breed. The peekapoo Pomeranian mix has the mix qualities of both the peekapoo designer dog and Pomeranian dog. They are friendly with the environment they are living in.

    Peekapoo Pomeranian Mix Personality

    Peekapoo Pomeranian mix has the personality traits of both the parent dogs. They are friendly like peekapoo dog and are hard to train in house just like Pomeranian dogs. Pomeranian dog breed is a sensitive breed as they can easily catch heat and get heat stroke. The peekapoo and Pomeranian mix breed has extra small size because of the Pomeranian dog. They are very smart and vivacious dog. They have big dog attitude and have spying qualities in their personality.

    PeekaPoo Pomeranian Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

    Peekapoo Pomeranian Mix Size

    Talking about the size of peekapoo Pomeranian mix size, they are really small dogs and are only good for the small kids not the adult ones. Peekapoo are the dogs with maximum 10 to 12 inches of height and and Pomeranian are very small dogs having height 7 to 12 inches that's why their mix breed is of very small size. They can be kept in hand for longer and are playful dogs. Their ancestors may have a bigger size i.e. their weight may increase up to 12 to 14 pounds. They are excellent choice to be kept at home with kids.

    Peekapoo Pomeranian Mix Temperament

    Temperament of both the parent breeds are different. Peekapoo are good dogs and are not too much aggressive in nature. But they can fight against a truck if needed. Pomeranian dog aggressiveness and shyness is not characteristic the Pomeranian puppy will outgrow. The peekapoo Pomeranian mix dog are super friendly but when they are attacked by any outsider or find something offensive then they act like a superman and fight against it. They become instantly aggressive and loose their temperament readily. They start barking and can jump on the suspect. They start scratching them.

    Peekapoo Pomeranian Mix Growth

    Peekapoo Pomeranian mix become fully grown with in a year. After 1st year, the dog becomes fully trained and behave like an adult dog. Their size may increase with the passage of time but they become fully trained in a year. They are well behaved dogs with good qualities. The growth has stages according to the weeks passing. In the 1st week, the new born start opening full eyes and in 3rd week he start walking on his feet. In 5th and 6th week, he start running and observing things around. After 3 months, his qualities start appearing like barking, food choice etc.

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