PeekaPoo Pug Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

Peekapoo pug mix breed is a dog which is the fusion of two different breeds. Peekapoo dog breed when fused with pug dog breed, their mix breed is formed which contains characteristic of both the parent breeds. Pug dog is also called as Chinese pug. He is a small toy sized smooth body dog with wrinkled face. The peekapoo pug mix has furry body because of peekapoo and has wrinkled square shaped face and body because of pug dog. The face of dog is black or dark brown in color.

    Peekapoo Pug Mix Personality

    Peekapoo pug mix dog has personality traits of both the parent breeds. Peekapoo are friendly, strong and small sized playful dogs whereas pug dogs are socialable dogs and are gentle companion dogs. They are charming and even tempered. Mix breed of peekapoo and pug dog has both of personality traits. Peekapoo pug mix are the charming dogs with royal attitude because pug dogs were kept by royal families. They are friendly but with selective people. They love socializing and discovering new things around. They are well organized and protectors of their loved ones.

    PeekaPoo Pug Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

    Peekapoo Pug Mix Size

    Peekapoo pug mix breed has an average size of 10 to 12 inches. They are good to keep at home because they are home compatible. The size of peekapoo is 10 to 12 inches and the size of pug dog is 10 to 14 inches. So the fusion of these breeds has an average of 10 to 12 inches of size. They have an average weight of 14 to 16 pounds (adult dog). The puppies keep on getting weight and height, increasing in size. But they need proper attention during their growth. An adult puppy is fully trained puppy.

    Peekapoo Pug Mix Growth

    Usually a puppy grows to an adult with in a year. Same is the case with peekapoo pug mix puppy. They become fully grown in a year with full training. They pass through different stages of growth and finally becomes an adult. With in a year puppies are fully trained and recognize their loved ones. They can protect their family like an aggressive adult dog. In 1st 6 to 8 months of growth, puppy start eating on their ownself and becomes choosy about their food. During their initial growth period, they are very sensitive and needs proper attention.

    Peekapoo Pug Mix Temperament

    Temperament comes from the parent breeds. The peekapoo designer dog breed are loyal and affectionate. They are not aggressive at all but are Keen observers. They can fight like a superman if needed with the offensive person or thing. They are the protectors of their loved ones and cheerful company to keep. Pug dog has strong will and are rarely aggressive. So the mix breed of these two breeds have have cool temperament and are calm dogs. They are friendly and love to socialize around with people. They are kids friendly dogs.

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