PeekaPoo Shedding

Peekapoo dog has a fur coat on him. The coat is soft in nature and smooth on touch. The dog's coat is may also vary depending on the thickness. The hair on coat may be of medium to long length which is wavy in nature. People loves to touch his fur coat because of it's smoothness and softness. The hair are wavy in nature because of the touch of poodle dog. Poodle dog has curly fur coat which is his characteristic. Peekapoo is a mixture of poodle and pekingees dog breed that's why the fur coat varies. The outer look of peekapoo resembles as lot with pekingees because of his long length hairy fur. The waves in hair are due to poodle dog.

PeekaPoo Shedding

The fur coat varies in color. The color of fur coat varies from silver, grey, sabble, buff and white to chocolate, black, apricot, red and cream color. The fur of peekapoo has a low shedding rate. He is a designer breed which is specially designed for ideal dog qualities. He is a lap dog which is carried in the lap for longer in home and during travelling so it has low shedding rate. His fur is long and wavy and comfortable to touch. 1st generation peekapoo has the above mentioned characteristics. He shed very little and oftenly shed his fur. But the 2nd generation peekapoo (peekapoo bred with other peekapoo) has different characteristics. The 2nd generation peekapoo breed dog shed regularly. The frequency of shedding increases. They don't have curly or wavy fur coat.

1st generation peekapoo dogs are hypoallergenic and that's the reason they oftenly shed their fur. They are the ideal dogs to keep in the apartment and in home. These characteristics make him special. During breeding of poodle and pekingees breed dogs, pekingees mom are preferred instead of poodle mom. Poodle mom is not preferred because of his long legs and long noses.

Talking about the growth of fur coat of peekapoos, their fur grows normally like a person. After trimming, the growth increases. In case the trimming is not done on time, the fur needs proper grooming i.e. brushing. Almost for 6 to 8 weeks, peekapoos require proper grooming and care of their fur coat. If people wants his long length hair on fur coat, then trimming should be performed every 2 to 4 weeks. This is because, hair growth increases after every trimming session. On touch, peekapoos does not have even fur coat on their body. Because of poodle dog breed, they have thick fur on tail and ears.

The full coat of peekapoo dog has long length hair and curls or waves in them. During grooming, it depends on the master how he wants his peekapoo looks like. Most people want him to look like a poodle dog, so they trim their hair from body except tail and ears and head. The overall appearance of a peekapoo shows the grooming of the dog. It all depends on the master's choice.

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