Teacup PeekaPoo Size

Usually peekapoo is a small sized dog, but there is a little difference in size according to the size of poodle dog involved in breeding. Poodle dog is preferred as a male breed dog for peekapoo and pekingees are preferred as female breed dog in breeding. There are different sizes of poodle dog which can be used in breeding. The size of poodle dog involved in breeding has an impact on the size of peekapoo dog. Poodle dog has 5 main types according to the height and appearance, teacup poodle dog is one of them.

Teacup PeekaPoo Size

Teacup poodle dog is named because of his small size. He is a very little dog which can be kept as a toy in home for kids. His size resembles a teacup at home, that's why he is named as teacup. He is only 9 inches in height and 6 pounds in weight. This is the ideal size of teacup poodle dog. Now talking about teacup size peekapoo, the small height poodle dog has impact on the height of peekapoo and peekapoo grows to a small height dog which is light weight and can be easily carried anywhere.

He is small enough to hide anywhere in the house and keep an eye on everyone. Teacup poodle are intentionally breeded with pekingees to breed a peekapoo dog in small size. Teacup poodle dog are kept as a toy in houses to play with and they are jolly enough to change a bad mood in to a good one.

Peekapoo is a lap perfect dog. It means he can easily fit in to a lap space. People loves to carry peekapoo in hands. The weight of the peekapoo dog is regardless of the type of poodle dog involved in breeding. The weight ranges from 7 to 20 pounds.

It is a fact that teacup peekapoo doesn't actually exist. He is a designer breed on demand. To get teacup peekapoo dog size it is not necessary to breed teacup poodle dog breed with pekingees. Toy poodle dog size and miniature poodle dog size can also breed teacup poodle dog size. This is because of the small size of pekingees. It is a mixture of two different breeds. Already the size of peekapoo is small enough to carry anywhere around.

Teacup poodle dog is considered one of the smallest dog in the world. People loves to keep peekapoo as a pet dog at home because of his small size. Peekapoo is very loveable and adorable dog. He is a very good company to keep. The size of peekapoo does not effect his qualities. The qualities are the mixture of both the dog breeds and height is also a trait that is inherited from parent breeds to the peekapoo dog.

Peekapoo designer breed is friendly with the environment too which is a plus point. This dog is active and can fight as a shepherd dog if there is any emergency regarding external attack of a thief or stranger.

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