What is PeekaPoo?

Peekapoo is a dog breed. It is the fusion of two main dog breed i.e. Pekingese and poodle. The parent breeds are the affectionate and friendly breeds. The fusion of the parent breeds results in Peekapoo affectionate and friendly dog breed. Poodles are dog breed which is easy to train. They are intelligent dogs. The life span of Peekapoo is 12 to 15 years maximum. Peekapoo is a designer cross breed which is not recognized by UKC.

Size of the dog is small and have mop like hair. Peekapoo has various colors like black, tri-colored and brown. As Peekapoo is a fusion of two different breeds, so the dominant features of Peekapoo matters. If Peekapoo has dominant feature of poodle coat then there are high chances that it is hypo allergenic and itchy. The size of Peekapoo is small and can be carried anywhere easily because of less weight.

What is PeekaPoo

Maximum height measured in inches is 9 to 10 inches and in case of centimeter (max 23 to 25.5 cm). Talking about weight of Peekapoo, it weighs only 9 to 10 pounds which is approximately 4 to 9 kilograms. This is the ideal calculation of weight of Peekapoo. Weight should not exceed 14 pounds.Peekapoo breed of dogs is a mixture of special parent breeds. Pekinese are the dogs with protective characteristics. They more likely to protect their food and love to take stand for it. They can even bite if someone tries to touch their food.

Peekapoo has this characteristic of protection. They do not feel comfortable in between the strangers. They are a bit timid .The size of a Peekapoo is small, but they have loud voice. They warn their surrounding strangers again and again by barking. This is called warning bark. They are household dogs and are loved to be taking care. They have soft fur on their body. They require brushing of their hair occasionally.

They also require bathing at least twice a month. They have a fast growing coat on them, so trimming of hair is necessary to make them look good and neat. This was about the grooming of a Peekapoo. Their nails also require cutting and trimming so they could not harm anyone. Growth of nails is also faster than other breeds of dogs.

Peekapoos are wonderful dogs to keep at home. They can sit by your side assisting you or spend the whole day in the lap. All these characteristics in this small breed are hilarious. Some of the characteristics of Peekapoo are mentioned below according to their life style and inborn characteristics.

  • They have good adaptability. They can be adapted easily without any special requirements. 
  • They are apartment friendly. They are sensitive as well. 
  • They are not too much friendly with cold temperature but can tolerate it. 
  • They feel bad being alone and cannot bear it for longer. 
  • They have the tolerability towards hot weather but not more than towards cold weather. 
  • They are very affectionate. There are various other characteristics which are inherited from their parents making this breed special and ideal. 

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