Colonoscopy CPT Code

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure to check the abnormality in rectum and large intestine. In this process, a large, thin tube optical fiber is inserted inside the body through anus. This optic fiber is used for the diagnosis of abnormality in large intestine. A tiny video camera is inserted on the tip of this optic fiber and this camera shows the inner side of large intestine and rectum. During colonoscopy, any kind of abnormal tissue or polyps can be removed from the colon. The process is named after the part of body it targets i.e. colon. Biopsy sample can also be obtained via this process. In biopsy, a tissue sample is removed for further diagnosis.

    Colonoscopy is performed for the diagnostic purpose and to remove the defective cells from the colon but there are some complications which may appear. Common complications include;

    • Bleeding from the site of tissue sampling (biopsy).
    • Colon and rectum muscle tear may occur. 
    • The sedative agent used during the process may cause an adverse reaction.

    A doctor always proposes a consent form to sign before the procedure. This consent form includes all the information regarding possible complications. There are some special instructions which should be followed before the procedure starts.

    Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Screening Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Screening colonoscopy is performed by inserting a colonoscope through the anus to the large intestine. This colonoscope transmits the images of inner condition and these images help to perform colonoscopy. The CPT code used for this process is 45378.

    Diagnostic Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Diagnostic colonoscopy involves the standard process of colonoscopy along with diagnostic imaging. A small camera is attached on the tip of a half inch wide optic fiber and inserted inside the large intestine through anal opening. The CPT code used for this process is 45378.

    Preventive Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Preventive colonoscopy is also known as screening colonoscopy. The process of preventive colonoscopy also consists of small camera on the tip of optic fiber and this camera gives the internal imaging of large intestine. The CPT code used for preventive colonoscopy is the same as used in screening colonoscopy i.e. 45378.

    Virtual Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Virtual colonoscopy involves the use of X-rays to diagnose the inner location of abnormality in large intestine. A long optic fiber of almost half inch in diameter is inserted inside the body through anal opening. The CPT code used for this are 3 in total i.e. 74261, 74263 and 74262.

    Routine Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Routine colonoscopy is the standard colonoscopy procedure. A standard optic fiber of long length with a tiny camera on top is inserted inside the body via anus. The CPT code used for this process is the same used for standard colonoscopy procedure i.e. 45378.

    Surveillance Colonoscopy CPT Code

    Surveillance colonoscopy is the other name of screening colonoscopy. This procedure is performed with those patients who do not have any history regarding polyps and cancer. The screening method is used in this process. CPT code used for this process is 45378.

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