CPT Code For Abdominal Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound is the process of passing high frequency sound waves through the body to capture videos and images of internal organs of the body. Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure which is usually performed to check normal functioning of organs of the body.

    It is a safe process and painless too. Abdominal ultrasound helps doctor to see the internal organs and functioning of abdomen. This diagnostic test is commonly performed for the examination of fetus inside the female body. Other major organs which can be seen with abdominal ultrasound are pancreas, spleen, liver, kidneys and gall bladder.

    CPT Code For Abdominal Ultrasound

    CPT Code For Complete Abdominal Ultrasound

    In the procedure of complete abdominal ultrasound, a transducer is gently pressed against stomach. It is moved back and forth. This sends signals to the computer to show the internal imaging of how blood is flowing inside body.The CPT code for this procedure is 76770.

    CPT Code For Limited Abdominal Ultrasound

    In limited abdominal ultrasound, some specific organs of abdomen are evaluated. The transducer is gently moved on the targeted abdominal region to achieve inside imaging for diagnosis. One or multiple organs can be examined. The CPT code used for this procedure is 76705.

    CPT Code For Right Upper Quadrant (Ruq) Abdominal Ultrasound

    When ultrasound of upper right quadrant of abdomen is performed multiple organs can be examined involving liver, bile duct, right kidney and pancreas. The transducer is moved back and forth for the internal organs imaging on computer. The CPT code used is 76705.

    CPT Code For Upper Abdominal Ultrasound

    The upper abdominal ultrasound can show the organs including liver, bile duct, pancreas, spleen and abdominal aorta. Transducer is used to send signals to computer for imaging and videos of functioning of organs. This diagnostic procedure is performed under the CPT code 76770.

    CPT Code For Lower Abdominal Ultrasound

    The procedure involves a transducer which is moved gently on the lower abdominal region. The lower abdominal organs like kidneys, bladder and intestines can be examined with this diagnostic procedure. The images and videos on computer show the abnormalities (if any). The CPT code is 76770.

    CPT Code For Right Lower Quadrant (Riq) Abdominal Ultrasound

    The ultrasound procedure for lower right quadrant involves transducer movement on lower right abdominal region. The transducer sends signals to computer about the organ under examination. The organs may include right kidney, uterus, ovaries and bladder. The CPT code is 76705.

    CPT Code For Abdominal Ultrasound With Contrast

    In abdominal ultrasound a contrast solution is injected to the vein and this contrast material show abnormalities in functioning of organs. If the ultrasound diagnostic procedure is performed using lumason, then the CPT code used is 76705. Otherwise there isn’t any dedicated code for contrast ultrasound.

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