CPT Code For Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a is the exercise therapy of body. Trained professionals named physiotherapists evaluate and treat the abnormal functioning of body parts like any disease, condition or disability. Physical therapy is suitable for restoration of physical function, mobility and any physical abnormality. It promotes proper functioning of body.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Evaluation

The evaluation is the main step in physical therapy. For evaluation purpose, history findings matters a lot. Screening tests and the measures of 4 systems are evaluated for diagnosis, therapy plans and prognosis. CPT code for PT evaluation is 97161- 97163 and for OT evaluation 97165- 97167.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Visit

Physical therapy works on the rehabilitation of motor skills of body, strength, flexibility, range of motion and coordination. Education is provided to educate patients about prevention of further injury and pain. The CPT code used for physical therapy visit is 97110.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Referral

Physical therapy referral is the marketing strategy which brings clients without any hard marketing and wasting any time. The referrals are those clients who came to know about physical therapy from their close ones. CPT code for physical therapy referral includes all the CPT codes of physical therapy.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Consult

Consultation is defined as a professional advice which is guided according to the findings in the report of patient. Patient is always consulted first and then the evaluation process takes place. After consultation, the patient is given his/ her physical therapy plan. The CPT code is 97161- 163.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Evaluation And Treatment

The physical therapy requires proper evaluation for treatment plan. The evaluation requires report findings and tests and then treatment is proposed according to the disability or condition of patient. The CPT code for PT evaluation is 97161- 163 and OT evaluation is 97165- 167.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation

Sometimes the re-evaluation of patient is required if patient shows any kind of unexpected change in status during therapy. The tests are performed again for perfect report findings and evaluation. Treatment plan is suggested according to the latest report findings. The procedure CPT code is 97002 for re-evaluation.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Discharge

Once the patient get treated with physical therapy, the discharge form is prepared and filled with the patient information like patient’s treatment, progress status, name and date of discharge etc. the documentation is required for the complete patient record. There is no defined code for discharge of patient.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Education

The patient education is important while treating during physical therapy. The patient education puts positive energy to the patient and he respond positively towards physical therapy. Education is important regarding marketing and referral patients. The CPT code for physical therapy education includes all the codes used for therapy.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy For Low Back Pain

The lower back pain is treated with physical therapy and a proper course of physical exercises is planned for complete recovery. The therapeutic exercises involve bending and stretching exercises for lower back pain. The most suitable CPT code is 97110.

CPT Code For Physical Therapy Followup

Follow up are the patient visits required from the evaluation process to the therapy ends. These visits are necessary to check the progress status of patient. Sometimes the follow up requires no charges and the CPT code used is NC001 otherwise the code 97001 is used.

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