Body Functions Study CPT Code

Sleep study is a test to record body movements while sleeping. All the activities of the body including sleep characteristics and disorders are recorded in five different ways. The other name of sleep study is polysomnography. The oxygen level of blood, waves passing through brain, eye and leg movements and heart rate are recorded.

    Home Sleep Study CPT Code

    Home sleep test measures movement of chest and abdomen, heart rate, oxygen saturation and snoring time period. Sleep apnea (a common disorder) is successfully diagnosed with a home sleep test. No other diseases or disorders can be diagnosed with HST. The CPT code is 95800.

    Body Functions Study CPT Code

    Nerve Conduction Study CPT Code

    Nerve conduction study is a diagnostic test to evaluate the performance of neurons. The nerves are responsible for carrying signals in the body and nerve conduction study reveals the proper functioning and ability of their electrical conduction. The CPT code of nerve conduction study is 95900, 95903 and 95904.

    CPT Code For Gastric Emptying Study

    Gastric emptying is the time calculated it takes to move a meal through a person's stomach. The study of this time calculated is known as gastric emptying study. People facing abdominal pain, early satiety, gastroparesis, non-stop vomiting and pre-operative evaluation. The CPT code of gastric emptying study is 78264.

    Split Night Sleep Study CPT Code

    Split night study is a two hour sleep study of a single night. The polysomnography records all the baseline sleep activity in the two hours. After sleep study, CPAP titration study is performed if there is a diagnosis of sleep apnea (common sleep disorder). The CPT code is 95811.

    Video Swallow Study CPT Code

    Swallow study is a diagnostic test to see the events happening during swallowing within the body. The functioning of the throat and esophagus are recorded. This test is performed with x-rays to obtain the visual internal imaging on screen. The CPT code of this procedure is 92611.

    Echo With Bubble Study CPT Code

    In bubble echocardiogram, an IV is injected in the vein of an arm. The administration of IV (agitated saline solution) is with bubbles. The imaging is obtained with certain portions. This is a cardiac ultrasound which shows the activity of the heart. The CPT code of this procedure is 93306 and 93307.

    CPT Code For Thallium Viability Study

    Thallium viability study is the evaluation of blood flow towards the heart. If myocardial infarction is diagnosed, the muscles of the heart become weak and do not work properly. This leads to less or improper functioning of the heart. The CPT code of this nuclear medicine test is 78451.

    Esophageal Motility Study CPT Code

    The esophageal motility study is the evaluation of esophagus and its sphincters. The motor activity of upper esophageal sphincter, the esophageal body and the lower esophageal sphincter is evaluated. The muscle motility while swallowing food is under consideration primarily.  This test is performed under CPT code 0240T.

    MRI CSF Flow Study CPT Code

    The evaluation of CSF is done under the guidance of MRI (a diagnostic procedure). The MRI scan of CSF shows its flow downwards to spinal cord and from the ventricle of the brain into cisterna magna. The CPT code of MRI CSF flow study is 70551- 53.

    CPT Code For Sleep Study With CPAP

    CPAP is the abbreviation of continuous positive airway pressure. This study follows split sleep study at night for two hours. The CPAP study is the titration study or in-lab sleep study. CPAP is performed in the 2nd half of night. The CPT code of this procedure is 95811.

    Tee With Bubble Study CPT Code

    Contrast echocardiography and transcranial doppler study (TCD) are the other names of tee with bubble study. In this non-invasive test, the flow of blood through the heart is assessed. Echocardiogram is often in conjunction with this procedure. The CPT code of this procedure is 93306- 07.

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