Bone Scan CPT Code

A bone scan is a diagnostic test that is performed to diagnose different bone diseases like bone injury, unexplained bone pain, and bone injection. It is a nuclear imaging test prescribed if certain bone conditions do not appear on a standard x-ray report. Cancerous cells and tumors can also be located with this test.

    Whole Body Bone Scan CPT Code

    In the whole-body bone scan, a radioactive agent is injected inside the body. This radioactive agent is
    taken up by bones and then the scan is performed. It takes almost 2 to 3 days to eliminate completely from the body. The CPT code is 78306.

    Bone Marrow Aspiration CPT Code

    Bone marrow aspiration is the procedure of taking a sample of bone marrow(spongy soft tissues) from bones. This bone marrow sample is then used for the diagnosis of different bone diseases and infections. The CPT code for this procedure is 38221.

    Bone Scan CPT Code

    CPT Code For Allograft Bone Graft

    Allograft bone graft is the procedure in which the bone is grafted from a deceased donor or a dead body whose parts are separated, cleaned and packed in a tissue bank. The CPT code for morselized allografting is 20930 and for structural allografting is 20931.

    CPT Code For Bone Density Screening

    Bone density screening is a diagnostic test for checking the density/ amount of bones. This test is performed for the diagnosis of osteoporosis before broken bone appears. Mainly hip, spine and other bones are tested. The CPT codes are 77078, 77081, G0130 and 76977.

    Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate CPT Code

    Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) is the procedure of regenerating cells. The bone marrow cells of a healthy person are transplanted to regenerate the healthy bone marrow cell production in low potential healing bones. It treats osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries. The CPT code is 38220.

    Ct Scan Temporal Bone CPT Code

    CT scan of the temporal bone is performed under the CPT codes 70480 (without contrast) and 70481 (with contrast). The temporal bone is associated with hearing and a CT scan of the temporal lobe is performed for the diagnosis of inner and middle ear infections/ diseases, hearing loss, and chronic ear infections.

    CPT Code For Bone Density Dexa Scan

    Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and bone densitometry are the other names of bone density scans. In this diagnostic test, the density or amount of bones is evaluated and checked if the patient is suffering from osteoporosis. The CPT code used for bone density DEXA scan is 77080.

    Bone Density Study CPT Code

    Bone density study is the study of measuring the strength of bones with tests. DEXA scan is the test performed with x-rays to diagnose and treat multiple bone diseases. The patient is diagnosed with osteoporosis and prevented from disability and fractures. CPT code for bone density study is 77080.

    Bone Mineral Density CPT Code

    Bone mineral density or bone density are the diagnostic tests to check the strength of minerals left in the bone. The mass of mineral per volume of the bone is measured. This test is performed the same as a bone density scan or DEXA scan. The CPT code is 77081.

    Bone Age CPT Code

    77072 is the CPT code used for calculation of bone age. The bone age is the estimation or calculation of the maturity of bones. This can be done on any part of the body like a wrist, hand, and fingers. X-rays are used in this procedure which makes it painless and safe.

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