Shoulder Procedure CPT Code

A shoulder is a complex structure where a number of muscles and bones join. It is a joint position where many muscles join to perform the widest range of motion of the body. From the front side, the collar bone is attached to the shoulder and from the arm, the humerus is attached (largest bone of the arm).

    CPT Code For Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

    The position of metal ball and socket is switched in the procedure of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. The position of the metal ball is fixed in the socket with a fixed plastic cup to the humerus upper side. The procedure is performed under CPT code 23472.

    Shoulder Procedure CPT Code

    CPT Code For Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

    The total shoulder arthroplasty procedure involves the replacement of damaged or diseased part of the shoulder. Specifically the ball and socket joint of shoulder, if diseased or damaged, requires arthroscopy (tube inserted inside). This procedure is performed under the CPT code 23472.

    Right Shoulder Arthroscopy CPT Code

    When any repair of the right sided shoulder is performed, the CPT code 23472 is used. The procedure involves an arthroscope with a mounted camera to view inside and aid in repairing. The damaged or diseased part is removed or repaired in this procedure.

    Shoulder Manipulation Under Anesthesia CPT Code

    Shoulder manipulation is the procedure of making shoulder movable. The scar tissue which causes pain and limited movement of shoulder, is removed in shoulder manipulation and the wide range of movement is obtained. The CPT code for shoulder manipulation is 23700.

    MRI Arthrogram Shoulder CPT Code

    Arthrogram uses the imaging technique on the computer of the shoulder and other joints of the body. The internal imaging can be easily seen on the computer screen. With the aid of imaging, MRI of shoulder joint is performed. MRI is a diagnostic test. The CPT code of this procedure is 23350.

    Left Shoulder Arthroscopy CPT Code

    The arthroscopy procedure involves an arthroscope to be sent inside the shoulder. The arthroscope has a camera on top for the purpose of internal imaging. With its help, the diseased or damaged part of the shoulder is repaired. The CPT code of this procedure is 23472.

    Cpt Code For Shoulder Arthroscopy With Subacromial Decompression

    Through subacromial decompression, shoulder impingement is treated. The patient feels pain while moving their arm upward. So an arthroscope is used to aid in this procedure. It has a camera mounted on top for guidance. The CPT code is 29826.

    CPT Code For Shoulder Arthroscopy With Labral Repair

    In labral repair surgery, the labrum and cartilage of bone is repaired. This surgery can be performed along with shoulder arthroscopy. The arthroscopy involves an arthroscope with a mounted camera for guidance during the procedure. The CPT code of this combined procedure is 29807.

    CPT Code For Shoulder Arthroscopy With Lysis Of Adhesion

    Any scar tissue may lead to the formation of adhesion between organs. These adhesions require lysis for complete and comfortable movement.this procedure can be combined with shoulder arthroscopy. The CPT code of this procedure is 29825.

    Revision Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty CPT Code

    The reverse total shoulder arthroplasty is revised if the procedure does not perform accurately. This revision involves the repetition of reverse shoulder arthroplasty procedure. The ball and socket joint is reversed according to the positions. The CPT code for revision reverse total shoulder arthroplasty is 23472.

    CPT Code For Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty

    In hemiarthroplasty, the head of femoral bone (main bone of the arm) is replaced with a prosthetic one. The pain is treated with hemiarthroplasty. In this procedure, an arthroscope is used for imaging guidance. The procedure is performed under the CPT code 23470.

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