Tube Placement CPT Code

Tube placement is the surgical procedure of inserting a gastric feeding tube. The tube is placed by making an incision on the skin and the wall of the stomach. It is directed towards the stomach for the purpose of feeding. This procedure is performed under anesthesia.

    CPT Code For Peg Tube Placement

    PEG is the abbreviation of percutaneous endoscopy gastrostomy. This feeding tube is placed inside the stomach by making an incision on the skin and the abdominal wall. PEG tube is placed for the administration of nutrients, fluids, and medications. CPT code is 43246.

    Tube Placement CPT Code

    CPT Code For Chest Tube Placement

    Chest tube thoracostomy is another name of chest tube insertion. This tube is placed in case of an emergency. It is usually used after surgery of organs into the chest cavity. The chest tube is hollow from inside and is placed in the pleural space between ribs. The CPT code is 32556- 57.

    CPT Code For Gastrostomy Tube Placement

    The gastrostomy feeding tube is placed by a technique called endoscopy. The endoscope is inserted inside the esophagus through the mouth and reaches the stomach. The gastrostomy tube is also placed with the same procedure. The CPT code for tube placement is 49440- 41.

    CPT Code For Nephrostomy Tube Placement

    Nephrostomy tube placement is also known as percutaneous nephrostomy. In this procedure, a tube is placed in either or both the kidneys to excrete urine from the body. This tube filters waste from the body directly and make the body healthy. The CPT  code is 50392.

    CPT Code For Suprapubic Tube Placement

    Suprapubic tube placement is the placement of a tube in the urinary bladder. An incision is made on the skin surface of the lower abdomen and the tube is inserted inside the bladder. The purpose of this tube is to empty the bladder. The CPT code is 51102.

    CPT Code For Jejunostomy Tube Placement

    The other name of jejunostomy is transgastric jejunostomy. This tube is placed in the jejunum through the stomach and duodenum. The tip of duodenum terminating in jejunum is also crossed. The purpose of this tube is small bowel feeding. The CPT code for jejunostomy tube placement is 44300.

    CPT Code For Removal Of Gastrostomy Tube

    The gastrostomy tube is a temporary way of feeding the bowel. So, it can be removed when the patient starts eating like a healthy person. The incision of the abdominal wall and skin is stitched back with sutures. The CPT code for removal of a gastrostomy tube is 43999.

    CPT Code For Laparoscopic Feeding Jejunostomy Tube Placement

    In laparoscopic feeding jejunostomy tube placement, the feeding tube is placed in jejunum under the guidance of a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a long tube having a mounted camera for internal imaging that helps to place the feeding tube. The CPT code is 43653 and 44186.

    CPT Code For Cholecystostomy Tube Removal

    Cholecystostomy tube is placed inside the bladder for decompression of infected, distended and inflamed gallbladder. The removal of cholecystostomy tubes is easier and does not require any imaging guidance. The incision is stitched with sutures. The CPT code is 47537.

    CPT Code For Egd With Peg Tube Placement

    EGD is the abbreviation of esophagogastroduodenoscopy. PEG tubes can be placed inside the stomach while the EGD procedure is performed. An incision is made on the skin to insert the tube inside the stomach accompanying EGD. The CPT code is 43246.

    CPT Code For Percutaneous Nephrostomy Tube Change

    A percutaneous nephrostomy tube is inserted inside the kidney (either or both). After a certain time, the tube needs to be replaced with a new one and this procedure of exchanging nephrostomy tube is performed under the CPT code 50435.

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