CPT Code for Office Visit

An office visit is a patient’s visit to health care professional’s office. This is designed for the discussion of health problems which are new and exciting. Patient share his concerns regarding symptoms he is facing. The health care professional may order some medications and tests or may provide education and an advice.

    CPT Code for Office Visit Level 2

    Level 2 office visit is a patient’s visit to practitioner’s office. This is the 2nd lowest level of care for the patient’s well-being. Usually the problems discussed in level 2 office visit are self-limiting and minor which can be treated easily. The CPT code is 99212.

    CPT Code for Office Visit Established Patient

    Established patients are those who are visiting practitioner’s office for at least 3 years regarding their issues. Patient may visit same doctor or different health care professional having same specialty. The CPT code for established patients is in the range of 99211- 99215.

    CPT Code for Office Visit

    CPT Code for Office Visit after Hours

    Sometimes patients need to be seen after office hours or on emergency notice. Doctors or health care professionals have to give them extra time. These after hours (extra hours) are under different CPT code. There are two different codes which can be used i.e. 99050 and 99051.

    CPT Code for Office Visit without Patient Present

    Sometimes office visit does not require patient and the treatment plan can be decided without him. This practice is not common but in some cases, it happens. The CPT codes which cover this above mentioned situation are 99375, 99340, 99380 and 99378.

    CPT Code for Office Visit Level 3

    Level 3 office visit is for patients with low complexity. The cases having less complexity requires a decision for the patient’s well-being. The issues are not self-limiting and minor, requires tests for the decisions. The CPT code used is 99213.

    CPT Code for Office Visit with Injection

    When a patient visits doctor’s office and treatment plan includes an injection, this process is billed under a specified CPT code. Patient administers an injection (diagnostic, prophylactic or therapeutic) in office and the remaining treatment plan is prescribed for home. CPT code used is 96372.

    CPT Code for Office Visit Follow Up

    Some patients require a follow up plan for the complete treatment or cure. So, patients have to visit doctor’s office constantly every week or every month. Follow up plans have wide safety index regarding serious patients. The CPT codes for follow up billing are 99211- 99215.

    CPT Code for Office Visit after Hospital Discharge

    Patients who are in hospital and get discharge, also need follow up plan for the post treatment tests and checkup. This leads to the safety of patient. Tests are performed to check if patient’s working normal or not. The CPT code for this is 99495.

    CPT Code for Office Visit Specialist

    Outdoor patients are mostly willing to visit specialist doctors regarding their concerns. Like if someone having ear problems, he will go for ENT specialist. A specialist can better understand and have full command in his specialty. The CPT codes used are 99211 to 99215.

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