Port Placement CPT Code

Port placement is the surgical procedure of placing a port (small medical appliance) under the skin. This is placed mostly in the upper chest region i.e. below the collar bone or collarbone. A catheter is used to connect port with the vein. Local anesthesia is used in this minor surgery.

    CPT Code for Power Port Placement

    Power ports are implanted for the injection of contrast material during diagnostic tests. The power port is placed under the skin for central venous access. It is suitable for injecting something and drawing blood from body. The CPT codes for this are 36570 and 36571.

    CPT Code for Single Lumen Port Placement

    Single lumen port is a kind of port with one access point in body. This is placed under the skin (also known as subcutaneous port) and used mainly for drawing blood and injecting contrast inside the vein. The CPT code for single lumen port are 36570- 71.

    Port Placement CPT Code

    CPT Code for Chemo Port Placement

    Chemo port is inserted for the purpose of injecting medications of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy requires scheduled drug administration and chemo port makes it easy.  Catheter has the access to peripheral venous system transferring medications to veins. The CPT codes are 36570, 36571, 36576 and 36578. 

    CPT Code for Subclavian Port Placement

    Subclavian is a vein which is accessed with port-a-cath port placement. This port is a slender, thin catheter made of plastic is inserted along with port to access central veins including Subclavian vein. The CPT codes 75937, 36561 and 77001 are used for port-a-cath placement. 

    CPT Code for Ir Port Placement

    Ir port is the infrared port which is placed under the skin. The IR port is electronic and transfer signals through infrared light. These ports are commonly used for wireless connections with connected devices. The IR port placement is done under the CPT code 36570, 36578, 36576 and 36571.

    CPT Code for Chest Port Placement 

    Chest port is inserted for multiple purposes including treatments (IV fluids, blood transfusion and drugs) and blood drawing. Chest port is placed under the skin in the chest region (right side of chest).The CPT codes used for port placement are 36576, 36571, 36570 and 36578.

    CPT Code for Double Lumen Port Placement

    Double lumen port is inserted to access two different points in the body. Blood can be drawn multiple times through these sites along with administration of different medications. This port is placed under the skin and the CPT code for placement is 36570- 36571.

    CPT Code for Internal Jugular Port Placement

    Port-a-cath is used for the central venous access (including internal jugular vein). This port may be single or double lumen. Port-a-cath is placed under the skin (subcutaneously) and used for drug administration and blood drawing. The CPT codes are 75937, 77001 and 36561.

    CPT Code for Subclavian Power Port Placement

    Port-a-cath is a power port which is placed under the skin to access peripheral venous system (including Subclavian vein). A catheter along with port is inserted under the skin for drug administration and blood drawing. The CPT codes are 77001, 36561 and 75937. 

    CPT Code for Venous Access Port Placement

    Port which is inserted to access central venous system is venous port. This port is placed under the skin and a catheter is attached for drawing blood and administering medications. The CPT code for venous port placement procedure is 36570- 71.

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