Screening Mammogram CPT Code

Screening mammogram is a diagnostic test which is performed to check the presence of breast cancer. It is also known as preventive measure because it diagnoses breast cancer if patient is not showing any signs of breast cancer. This procedure is performed with a specified machine which creates X-ray images of the breast tissues by compression. Small doses of ionizing radiation are used. Solid tumors, fatty masses and fluid filled cysts are noticeable in screening mammography. Other than this, calcium clusters known as micro calcification's are diagnosed which sometimes prove dangerous. 3D screening mammography has also been introduced.

    CPT Code For 3D Screening Mammogram

    In 3D screening mammogram low dose x-rays are used 3D images are shown on the computer screen. Breast tissues appear in a 3D view for the detailed diagnosis and the type of breast cancer. The images are more clear and precise for diagnosis. The CPT code is 77051.

    Screening Mammogram CPT Code

    CPT Code For Screening Mammogram Unilateral

    Unilateral screening mammogram involves one sided breast screening. This procedure can be performed under CPT code 77065. The unilateral screening mammography images are obtained on computer for diagnosis of solid cancer and fluid filled cysts (if any). X-rays are used during this procedure.

    CPT Code For Screening Mammogram Bilateral

    Bilateral screening mammogram is used for the diagnosis of both sided breasts. If there is a doubt of solid cancer in breast, then bilateral screening mammogram can diagnose it well. In this procedure x-rays are used to obtain clear images on computer screen. CPT code is 77066.

    CPT Code For Screening Mammogram With Breast Implants

    Breast implants are sometimes performed under the guidance of screening mammography. X-rays are used for finding the exact point of asymptomatic breast tumor which helps in breast implantation procedure (placement of silicone sacs). CPT code for this dual procedure is 76092.

    CPT Code For Digital Screening Mammogram

    Digital screening mammogram is the advanced procedure for diagnosis of breast tumor. The results on computer screen are accurate and it can diagnose breast tumor at least 2 years before a physician diagnosis. The high quality images can be zoomed for a magnifying look. The CPT code is 77052.

    CPT Code For Male Screening Mammogram

    Regarding CPT codes, there isn’t any gender specification. So the female codes can also be applied to male patients. Breast tumor diagnosis in male is performed same as in female. X-rays are used for the imaging on screen and tumor detection. Recommended CPT code is 77066.

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