Alpine Goat Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Alpine goat is among the friendliest goat breeds ever. It is a domestic dairy goat breed originated from French Alps. these goats produce a high amount of milk and this is the reason behind their popularity around the world. The quality of milk is high and is full of nutrition. This breed was first introduced to America in 1904. The size of goats is medium to large and mainly used for commercial purposes. Multiple edibles can be made with their nutritious milk. These goats have the ability to survive in both hot and cold climatic conditions.

    Alpine Goat Pros

    Considering the pros of Alpine goats, these are the most demanded goats throughout the world. These goats can survive in both hot and cold climatic conditions. Their genes are strong and their tolerance is high. Alpine does are great mothers. These goats know how to take care of and protect their young ones from predators. Alpine goats are used mainly for the preparation of high-quality dairy products and for commercial purposes. These goats are intelligent and cannot be easily tamed. They can easily find their way to the yard if the caretaker is not there. These goats are lovely and sociable.

    Alpine Goat Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

    Alpine Goat Cons

    Alpine goats have a lot of advantages but there are a few drawbacks which are considerable. These goats are mainly used for commercial purposes and require proper care. There are some points that need to be maintained while brought up these goats. A proper amount of milk and food should be supplied twice a day and accurate shelter is required. These factors increase the expenditure while growing them up. Still, it is easy to raise up these goats. The other main drawback is their intelligence and alertness. These goats can easily run away from fence and never look back. So keen vigilance is required.

    Alpine Goat Facts

    The special characteristics of Alpine goats are listed below;

    • These are medium to large-sized goats. 
    • Average height of male alpine goats is 81 cm and female alpine goats is 76 cm.
    • Talking about weight, male Alpine goats weigh 77kg whereas female alpine goats weigh 61kg. 
    • Ears are erect upward and have horns on their heads. 
    • Male Alpine goats have a beard. 
    • Their temperament is friendly and very alert. Their ears are helpful in alertness. These goats are graceful. 
    • After 4 to 5 months of age, male alpine goats gain maturity and at the age of 5 to 6 months, female Alpine goats gain maturity. 

    Alpine Goat Price

    Despite the advantages and intelligence of these goats, their price is not too high. On average, an Alpine doe can cost around $100 to $300. The price may vary according to the regions and the demand of people. These goats are used for commercial purposes, so mostly purchased in bulk. The price may also vary according to the weight of Alpine goats. There is a specified rate defined per kg of these goats. The Alpine does are expensive as compare to Alpine buck because does can increase the no. of goats by breeding. On maturity, these goats become a bit expensive.

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