Boer Goat Disadvantages, Advantages, Characteristics, Price

Boer goat is a South African breed that is highly meat productive. Among other goat breeds, it is the big sized goat breed. Boer goat also produces a high amount of quality milk but mainly known for meat production. These goats are available mainly in white color in combination with brown or red-colored heads. A minority of Boer goats is completely brown or white in color. These goats have long length ears that move like a pendulum while walking (pendulous ears). Boer goats are mainly used for farming purposes because these goats grow faster than other goat breeds. The rate of fertility is also high.

    Boer Goat Disadvantages

    Boer groat breed is a large-sized breed that requires proper food and nutrition for health. These goats are preferred because of their lot of advantages but there is a drawback too. These goats require high-quality food, full of nutrition for their health and nourishment. Large-sized goats require more food as compared to medium-sized breed. On the commercial scale, it is hard for farmers to maintain their food and meet expenses. So it is a hard decision for them to keep these goats. Usually, farmers prefer medium-sized goat breeds to feed and make them grow economically.

    Boer Goat Disadvantages, Advantages, Characteristics, Price

    Boer Goat Advantages

    Boer goat breed has a lot of advantages and the topmost of them is high-quality meat production. From a commercial point of view, these goats can profit farmers beyond the limit. These goats also produce healthy and large-sized kids that are used for show purposes. Farmers can easily earn by showing their kids in breed shows. Other than meat production, their milk is of high quality and rich in nourishment. The fertility rates of Boer goats are high with superior mothering properties. These goats are large-sized and the meat produced from each goat is enough to earn a large amount of money.

    Boer Goat Characteristics

    1. The ears of these goats are long in length and are pendulous. 
    2. The color of their heads is different from their body color i.e. brown colored heads or red-colored heads. In some goats, the goats have the same color throughout the body. 
    3. Boer goats have a very good quality of adaptation and can survive in every kind of environment. The climatic changes do not bother them. 
    4. These goats grow faster and also have high fertility rates. 
    5. The average weight of a Boer buck is about 110 to 135 kg and the average weight of Boer doe is about 90 to 100 kg. 

    Boer Goat Price

    According to the qualities of the bore goat, the price varies. These goats are large in size and produce a large amount of quality meat. The overall price of these goats is high as compare to other breeds because of their advantages. These goats are sold per kg and every kg is a profit to farmers. In the case of mature male Boer goats, the average price per kg is 1750 and the average price of female mature Boer goats per kg is 4000. The price range of these goats is 60,000 PKR to 90,000 PKR according to their weights.

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