Columbia Sheep Advantages, Disadvantages, Temperament, Price

Columbia sheep is a domestic sheep breed originated from the United States. It came into being as a result of university research and a product of USDA. This breed was purposely developed to improve the sheep characteristics in western ranges of the country. In 1912, Columbia sheep were first developed. Their parent sheep were Rambouillet ewes and Wyoming rams. At times, this breed is the most popular breed among other domestic sheep in the region they developed. The main features which make them popular are good growth characteristics and heavy, white fleece. These sheep are mainly used for commercial purposes.

    Columbia Sheep Disadvantages

    There may be multiple advantages of Columbia sheep and they are worth buying but there are some drawbacks which mainly include their survival. As these sheep can better grow in dry climatic conditions. These sheep can survive in western regions too but wet climates are not very suitable for them because they can develop health issues. Even the extreme cold conditions are not suitable for them. Farmers have to take extra care of them. Instead of growing in the western environment, these sheep are better suited for the eastern environment. There is no other main disadvantage of this breed which makes the decision harder for purchasing.

    Columbia Sheep Advantages, Disadvantages, Temperament, Price

    Columbia Sheep Advantages

    The main advantage of Columbia sheep is meat and wool production. Their body is covered in wool which is of high quality. They are specially designed for the range climatic conditions, so lush grasses and management of farm flocks in the middle west, north, south, and east are most suitable for them. The length of their wool is up to 3.5 to 5 inches. The diameter of a single fiber of their wool is 31 to 24 microns. These sheep grow faster and are resilient. They are mainly used for meat production on a commercial level.

    Columbia Sheep Temperament

    The Columbia sheep are known for their docile nature. They are obedient and follow the instructions of their farmers. They are alert and can respond to even a little noise or movement around them. They are not too aggressive and do not harm anyone. As these sheep are self-designed so their temperament is according to the mother sheep breeds involved in this crossbreed. The parent sheep are also of quiet and alert nature. Their mothering abilities are too good. They are very good protectors of their kids and do not let any outside hurt them.

    Columbia Sheep Price

    Columbia sheep are designed to improve the sheep characteristics in western areas of the United States. Their price is not too high because they are not purebred and can produce a large number of kids in a season. The prices may differ in kids and mature Columbia sheep. Their meat and wool are of great importance on a commercial scale. Farmers sell their wool to earn money. Their prices vary because they are available in multiple countries of the world. Farmers usually purchase them in bulk because their main use is on a commercial scale.

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