Device insertion CPT Code

Devices or insertables are the devices which are inserted inside the human body. The devices have their own specified function. The procedure includes insertion of an artificial device through and beneath the skin. These devices are removable, biodegradable and also replaceable. The most common example of device insertion is catheter placement.

    CPT Code For Nexplanon Insertion

    Nexplanon can be placed in the arm in the doctor's office. This is an outpatient procedure which requires a small size incision. The arm is numbed before placing the nexplanon in the arm. It is a minor surgical procedure. The CPT code is 11981. 

    Device insertion CPT Code

    Picc Line Insertion CPT Code

    PICC is the abbreviation of peripherally inserted central catheter. It is placed in the vein of the leg, so that it may reach in larger veins of the body near the heart. Liquid nutrition is administered through the PICC line. The CPT code of PICC line insertion is 36568- 69. 

    CPT Code For Insertion Of Dual Chamber Pacemaker With Electrodes

    Dual chamber pacemaker is a proper system which includes two electrodes. One electrode is placed or inserted in the ventricle of the heart and the other one is placed in the atrium. This system generates pulses. The CPT code of this system insertion procedure is 33206- 08. 

    CPT Code For Insertion Of Testicular Prosthesis

    Prosthesis is the procedure of placing an artificial body part. When a child is born with absent testicles, then an artificial sac containing testicles is placed in place of testicles. This is a minor surgical procedure which can be performed in the office. The CPT code of testicular prosthesis insertion is 54660.

    CPT Code For Insertion Of Port A Cath

    Port a cath is placed in the chest under the skin. The procedure involves a small incision and 
    placement of port a cath with catheter. It is a thin tube inserted in the superior vena cava above the heart. Port a cath may remain on place for about months. The CPT code of this procedure is 36570- 71. 

    CPT Code For Insertion Of Mirena IUD

    Mirena IUD is an intrauterine device which is placed in the uterus in women. A special applicator is used to place it. There are short strings attached to the device, these strings can be easily seen through vaginal opening for the purpose of removal. The CPT code of this procedure is 58300. 

    Insertion Of Penile Prosthesis CPT Code

    Penile prosthesis is the procedure of device insertion. The device consists of two cylinders which are 
    placed under the skin of penis. These are intended for the erection of penis. Minor surgery is required for the insertion of penile prosthesis. The CPT code is 54405. 

    Kyleena Insertion CPT Code

    Kyleena device is inserted in the intrauterine cavity. The procedure involves the placement of slider in the arm. The slider is pushed as far as possible to insert the tube over the kyleena T-body. The kyleena is then loaded to the tube and inserted. The CPT code of this procedure is Q9984.
    CPT Code For Insertion Of Straight Catheter

    Straight catheter is used for the drainage of urine from urethra. It is placed in urethra through penis or female urinary opening. The procedure involves a long tube inserted inside through the opening, until urine starts flowing out. The CPT code of this procedure is 51701. 

    CPT Code For Insertion Of Drainage Tube

    Drainage tube as the name indicates, is inserted inside the chest cavity for draining fluid. The drainage tube connected with a machine is kept intact on place while drawing excessive fluid from pleural space. The CPT code is 32556- 57.

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