Guernsey Cow Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Guernsey cow is not an old breed as no traces were found before the 19th century. It is believed that the Insigny cattle of Normandy and the Froment du Leon breed are considered to be the ancestors of Guernsey cattle. These cattle are named after the region they have originated i.e. Isle of Guernsey located off the coast of France. In 1700, Guernsey was considered as a separate breed. The purity of this breed is maintained by prohibiting the import of other cattle breeds to the country. These cows are mainly known for the production of milk.

    Guernsey Cow Pros

    Talking about the advantages of Guernsey cows, they are mainly known for their milk production. Their milk is of high quality and serves the main purpose. The color of their milk is golden therefore known as “Golden Guernsey”. The milk produces 70 percent of total feed. The gene present in their milk “Kappa Casein B gene” improves the quality of cheese prepared from them. This gene improves protein content by up to 12%, vitamin D up to 33%, vitamin A up to 25%, calcium up to 15% and 30% more cream. They are resistant to various health conditions and rarely get ill.

    Guernsey Cow Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

    Guernsey Cow Cons

    The disadvantages of Guernsey cows mainly include their aggressive attitude. These cattle often get angry and nervous. This leads to a fight and anyone may get injured. So, the management of these cows is necessary. The precautionary measures should be taken while visiting these cows. The milking period of these cattle starts late in their age i.e. heifers start milking at the age of 24 months and calves at the age of 22 months (with little difficulty). Another drawback is the birth of their calves. The calves are large-sized at the time of birth which causes difficulty in the delivery process.

    Guernsey Cow Facts

    Guernsey cows are known for their delicate looks. They have light golden brown color on their skin and are rarely found in red or white color. They walk royally and their gait is very graceful. Their back is quite strong, hindquarters are steady and rump is broad which makes them adorable. The average weight of adult Guernsey cows is up to 500 kg and the average weight of adult Guernsey bulls is up to 700 kg. These cows are resistant to health conditions and also to the environment. Their body is strong and muscled that people should keep a distance from them.

    Guernsey Cow Price

    Guernsey cows are worthy of buying and usually bought in bulk for commercial purposes. These cows are mainly used for milk production and their milk is of great importance throughout the world. The farmers sell their golden milk at high prices to benefit their business. Guernsey cows are available all over the world and the prices may vary according to the region. The average price of Guernsey cows is $800 and may reach up to $1000. Their price may also vary according to their weight. If their weight is high, the price will be high accordingly. A standard rate per kg is set for making sales easy.

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