Rambouillet Sheep Advantages, Disadvantages, Temperament, Price

The Rambouillet sheep is a domestic breed originated from France. The other names of Rambouillet sheep are the Rambouillet Merino and the French Merino. In 1786, Louis XVI purchased almost 300 Spanish Merino sheep to start the development of Rambouillet. The first flock of Rambouillet sheep was first developed at an experimental royal farm, now known as Bergerie Nationale. This breed is found 70 km southwest to Paris. In the 19th century, Rambouillet sheep were well raised at Bergerie Nationale, and not even a single sheep was sold. The breed was preserved for multiple purposes and the two main purposes were meat and wool production.

    Rambouillet Sheep Disadvantages

    There are multiple drawbacks of Rambouillet sheep beside it was intentionally developed for some purposes. The main drawback is regarding their meat. Their bodies are meatier than Merino sheep. The content of meat is not satisfactory. Although they are raised mainly for meat and wool production, there is poor meat conformation. Another drawback is the presence of wrinkles on their skin. Wrinkles show the sagginess of the skin and make them less attractive. When we talk about their wool, their wool has a high shrinking property. It means their wool contains a high yolk factor which shrinks it and makes it less demanding.

    Rambouillet Sheep Advantages, Disadvantages, Temperament, Price

    Rambouillet Sheep Advantages

    As Rambouillet sheep are bred intentionally for multiple purposes, so their main properties serving the farmers are out of season breeding and crossbreeding. This sheep breed throughout the year and their cross-breeding produce different types of sheep with greater wool and meat properties. They can easily adapt to different climatic conditions and their survival is not affected. Rambouillet sheep are found to be the most effective in the production of the Kentucky milk-fed lamb. Other main advantages include longer life span. They live longer to serve people. They are gregarious and love to be in a flock.

    Rambouillet Sheep Temperament

    Rambouillet sheep are easy to keep because their temperament is calm. The sheep are quiet and alert. They are not aggressive and do not fight. They like to live in harmony with other sheep. They are friendly and mostly mind their own business. Rambouillet sheep are easy to maintain. No strict vigilance is required while grazing them. They are alert and can sense even the small activities going on around them. They easily adapt to climatic conditions. They are hardy and strong. Their bodies can fight against any health problem. Their survival rate is high because of their hardy nature.

    Rambouillet Sheep Price

    Rambouillet sheep do not have outstanding properties but still, their price is high. These sheep are demanded by farmers because of their breeding property. Rambouillet sheep can breed out of the season and this is very beneficial to increase the sheep count. Their crossbreeding is also beneficial to develop more sheep with greater benefits. The price range of these sheep may vary in multiple regions of the world. The average price range of these sheep is 7000 to 12000 INR. This price range may exceed if these sheep are sold in flocks. Sometimes these sheep are sold according to their weight i.e. matures ones are expensive as compared to lambs.

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