Saanen Goat Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

The Saanen goat breed originated from the Saanen valley, located in Switzerland. The French name of this goat breed is “Chevre de Gessenay” and German name is “Saanen Ziege”. It is a dairy goat breed and available throughout the world. These goats are commonly used for commercial purposes because of their quality milk production. Saanen goats are exported to various countries from Switzerland. The milk production is high. Keeping saanen goats is easy because these goats can survive in different climatic conditions. The management and care of saanen goats is very easy. Even children can easily take care of these goats.

    Saanen Goat Disadvantages

    Where there are advantages of goat breeds, there are disadvantages too. These goats are very good at grazing. Their health is maintained if these are allowed to graze up to their fill. The critical point is, these goats require proper hygienic conditions to survive. These goats are not suitable for keeping in extensive management conditions but should be raised intensively. Their food should be rich in proteins and enriched in energy. A proper amount of greens is also required. The water supply should be clean and fresh. It is hard or difficult for farmers to maintain such hygienic conditions all the time which is a major drawback.

    Saanen Goat Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

    Saanen Goat Advantages

    In contrast to disadvantages, the advantages are more. These goats produce high quality milk which is the major advantage. Saanen goats are counted among the most productive dairy goat breeds throughout the world. The average milk production is up to 838 kg per lactation. Each lactation period lasts for 264 days. The protein content in milk is 2.7 percent and fat content is 3.2 percent. The brought up of these goats is easy even children can do this. These goats are friendly and docile in nature. The temperament is good. The hygienic conditions need to be maintained.

    Saanen Goat Facts

    The characteristics which make these goats different from others, are listed below.

    • Color available in these goats is white but rarely biscuit colored goats are also found. 
    • Black colored spots are present on the nose, udder and ears of the goat. 
    • Goats are hornless .
    • Size of their legs is small. 
    • Goats have straight erect ears. 
    • Neck is large as udder is these goats. 
    • Small sized hair is present throughout the body. 
    • Saanen goats can survive easily in different climatic conditions. 
    • Produce high quality milk among other dairy goat breeds. 

    Saanen Goat Price

    Saanen goats are available throughout the world. These goats are supplied from Switzerland and the price varies in different regions. The kids are available at different price ranges and mature goats are available at different price ranges. The average price range of saanen kids is $100 to $300 and mature goats have high prices. Usually these goats are purchased in bulk for commercial use. Their milk is also of worth and is sold on high prices. So farmers earn by selling their milk in the market. The price of their milk also varies in different regions.

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