Southdown Sheep Disadvantages, Advantages, Characteristics, Price

In the late 1700 and early 1800s, the Southdown sheep was first developed in southeastern England. This is a dual-purpose breed and domestic. These are abundantly found in the United Kingdom. It is an old breed and among the most important British sheep breeds. The main purposes of this breed are fleece production, meat production, and cross-breeding to develop other sheep breeds. Southdown sheep are commonly used to breed Canterbury lamb. It also develops Shropshire sheep, Oxford, and Hampshire sheep. Their qualities are consistent generation after generation even in the crossbred animals. This breed is known as a native breed recognized by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

    Southdown Sheep Disadvantages

    There are multiple disadvantages of Southdown sheep. The main disadvantage is their flystrike behavior. These sheep are active and more prone to the flystrike. So proper protection is required. Southdown sheep are not hugely used on a commercial scale which is another drawback. These sheep are not easy to shear. The shearing is difficult because of extra hair found on their legs and head. These sheep graze hartley and fill up their stomach. This may cause an increase in weight, especially in ewes. Overweight ewes become less fertile and face problems while lambing. So, strict vigilance is required to make them fit.

    Southdown Sheep Disadvantages, Advantages, Characteristics, Price

    Southdown Sheep Advantages

    Southdown sheep are easy to handle and their small size contributes to it. These sheep are contented to the fields and try to escape sometimes. Their thinking power is slow because they take some time to think before acting, so farmers do not worry about their escape. They are mainly raised for meat and wool production. Their meat is the tastier meat ever. Talking about fleece, its staple length is not long enough but a fair size may be obtained. The process of lambing is easy for them. They have the ability to give birth to twins and take care of them.

    Southdown Sheep Characteristics

    Southdown sheep are small to medium-sized animals. Their body is wide, deep and refined. The color of their body is usually white and their faces are mouse-colored. They are known for wool production and their whole body is covered in the wool including legs, faces, and ears. Their wool is not extraordinary but fine to medium. The average weight of their fleece is 3 to 5 pounds and staple length is 4 to 6 cm. The diameter of their fleece is about 23 to 29 microns. These sheep are polled naturally. The average weight of Southdown ram is 86- 104 kg and the ewe is 59- 81 kg.

    Southdown Sheep Price

    Southdown sheep are quiet and calm by nature and do not harm anyone. Their lambing properties are good so, there is a high demand for ewes as compared to rams. These sheep are now available throughout the world and their price varies. The average price of shearling rams is about 275gns and the average price of shearling ewes is about 175gns. The lambs are not that much expensive. The average price of a ewe lamb is about 150gns and the average price of a ram lamb is about 175gns. These prices are approved by the Southdown Sheep Society Council.

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