Spanish Goat Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Spanish goats, as the name indicates, originate from Spain. The other names of Spanish goats are brush goat or scrub goat. It is one of the oldest goat breeds used for both milk and meat production. These goats are named as brush goats because they clear the brush and undesirable plants from the pasture land. The main purpose of this breed is meat production. They are available throughout the world transported from Spanish lands to other countries. The purebred Spanish goats are decreasing in number up to threatening level. The cross breeding of Spanish goats is increasing day by day.

    Spanish Goat Pros

    Spanish goats have the main advantage of meat production. These goats are mainly used on a commercial scale for better earning. These goats are bred with other famous breeds to improve the meat quality and quantity. Talking about feeding, these goats are very good foragers and can feed on low quality pasture. The fertility rate is very good. These goats can produce kids with superb qualities. After delivering the kid, the milk production increases and enough to bring up the kid as well as for sale. Spanish goats are active and strong goats. Tolerant to the internal parasites and can survive in hard climatic conditions.

    Spanish Goat Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

    Spanish Goat Con

    Spanish goats have a lot of benefits but there are some drawbacks too. These goats are lightweight and can be flighty sometimes. They can survive on low quality feed but the growth rate is low. These goats need proper supplements and high quality diet to carry on weight and grow faster. These goats are super active and can fight or run away. It is hard to handle such active goats. Vigilance should be strict while they are grazing. The milk production is not too much to run a business. Clean and fresh water supply is required by these goats for proper growth and development.

    Spanish Goat Facts

    The characteristics which makes them different from other breeds are;

    • These goats are beautiful by look. 
    • Appearance varies due to excessive cross breeding of these goats with other famous goat breeds. 
    • Spanish goats have horns on their head that are twisted and large in size. 
    • Size of their ears is large and the shape is horizontal facing forward. 
    • Shape of the face may be concave or straight. 
    • Average weight of adult Spanish goats may vary from 23 to 90 kg. 
    • Goats can survive in extreme climatic conditions and are tolerant to inside parasites. 

    Spanish Goat Price

    The price of Spanish goats is not too high. The purebred Spanish goats are not expensive. These goats are available at average prices that anyone can easily afford. The main purpose of these goats is meat production, so these are used for commercial purposes. The growth rate is also good. The Spanish does are usually more expensive than the Spanish bucks. The average price of yearling does is $300 to $350. These goats are purchased in bulk by farmers. Spanish goats are transported to different countries of the world, so the prices may vary according to the region.

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