Tendon Repair CPT Code

Tendons are the tissues which are soft and appear like bands. Tendons connect muscles to the bone. The tendon repair surgery is performed to treat the broken or damaged tendon. The movement is affected due to broken or damaged tendon, so tendon repair is performed to regain movement.

    CPT Code For Achilles Tendon Repair

    Achilles tendon is present on the back side of calf. In Achilles tendon repair, an incision is made on the back of the calf and the whole tendon or a part of broken tendon is stitched back. This tendon repair surgery is performed under the CPT code 27650. 

    CPT Code For Patellar Tendon Repair

    Patellar tendon repair is the procedure of stitching broken tendon through bone tunnels. This is done within the patella or tibial tubercle. The location of broken tendon also matters. The direct repair of patellar tendon is difficult. The CPT code of this procedure is 27380.

    Tendon Repair CPT Code

    CPT Code For Peroneal Tendon Repair

    There are two types of peroneal tendons in the foot. Any kind of torn or damaged in peroneal tendon requires peroneal tendon repair. In this procedure, the torn tendon is stitched back by making an incision on the site. The CPT code of this procedure is 27658. 

    CPT Code For Quadriceps Tendon Repair

    Quadriceps tendons are present in the knee. To facilitate knee extensor movement, quadriceps tendon repair surgery is necessary. There are two main ways for repair i.e. transosseous repair and suture anchor repair (more effective). The CPT code is 27385. 

    CPT Code For Achilles Tendon Debridement

    Achilles tendon is present on the back side of the calf. In the procedure of achilles tendon debridement, an incision is made and excessive necrotic tissues or damaged tissues are removed and then broken tendon is stitched back. The CPT code for this procedure is listed as 27680. 

    CPT Code Extensor Tendon Repair

    Extensor tendons are present on hands. In extensor tendon repair, an incision is made on the wrist, 
    finger or hand. These locations are perfect for finding divided tendons and stitching them together. The extensor surgery is easy and straightforward. The CPT code is 26418. 

    Posterior Tibial Tendon Repair CPT Code

    Tibial tendon repair is the surgery to repair damaged or torn tibial tendon. The tibial tendon is present on the back side of calf muscles. An incision is made on the skin to repair a broken tendon with stitches. The CPT code of this procedure is 28200. 

    CPT Code For Achilles Tendon Lengthening

    In achilles tendon lengthening procedure, small incisions are made on the back side to elongate the tendon. This surgery is performed to make people walk flat footed without bending their knees. The following code can be used for the above procedure, 27606. 

    Eip To Epl Tendon Transfer CPT Code

    Both EIP and EPL tendons are present on the index finger extending to the wrist. Whenever there is any rupture of EPL tendon, associated with distal radius fracture, a donor tendon transferred towards EPL is EIP tendon. The CPT code of this procedure is 25310. 

    CPT Code For Repair Of Peroneus Longus Tendon

    Peroneus longus tendon is one of the two peroneus tendon present in the foot. In this procedure, the damaged or broken peroneus longus tendon is repaired by making an incision. This procedure is listed under the CPT code 27658.

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