Toggenburg Goat Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

Toggenburg goat breed is named after the region it was first originated i.e. Toggenburg valley in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Toggenburg goat breed has a nickname i.e. Togg. in 1950, there were almost 20,000 Toggenburg goats in Switzerland that in 2006, left 3000 only. This breed is registered with the New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association. Now Toggenburg goats present in British countries are heavier than others and have good milk production. The Toggenburg goats are now available throughout the world serving its purposes.

    Toggenburg Goat Disadvantages

    Toggenburg goat breed has a lot of advantages but there are some drawbacks too. These goats are
    hard to handle and require a professional to handle them. These goats are active and can easily break out their confinements. There should be a keen vigilance while these goats are grazing in the field. These goats are not with very good temper. Although they are calm, these goats are possessive about their kids and become angry when someone comes close to them. Apart from these some drawbacks, these goats are worthy to keep for commercial purposes because they do not require any special protection.

    Toggenburg Goat Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

    Toggenburg Goat Advantages

    Talking about the advantages of the Toggenburg goat breed, these goats are quiet in nature. The main advantage of these goats is milk production. The average yield of milk is almost 740 kg per lactation. These goats produce high-quality milk which merely contains 3.56 percent of butterfat and 2.90 percent of protein. The lactation period may last up to 18 to 20 months which is very beneficial for farmers doing business. Toggenburg goats are of quiet and gentle temperament. These goats are hardy and can survive better in colder climatic conditions. Their udder is well developed. The fertility rate is good.

    Toggenburg Goat Characteristics

    • The Toggenburg goats are alert, sturdy and vigorous. 
    • Adult female Toggenburg goat weighs around 120 pounds or 55 kg. 
    • Their body hair is medium to long in length. 
    • Colors available are light fawn to dark chocolate. 
    • Their body is spotty i.e. in the white-colored ear, there is a dark spot in the middle. A white-colored triangle is present on either side of the tail. 
    • Ears are erect forward. 
    • Facial lines are not roman but are dished or straight. 
    • These goats can survive in extreme climatic conditions. 
    • Milk production is good and can be used for commercial purposes. 

    Toggenburg Goat Price

    Toggenburg goats are expensive because of their commercial benefits. It is a pedigree goat. These goats provide long term quality milk. So spending money on these goats is worthy. Toggenburg goats can return triple the money spent on them. Their milk is of great importance and can be sold separately in the market. These goats are usually bought in bulk. The average cost of a Toggenburg kid is around $300 which may differ according to the region. An adult Toggenburg goat is expensive (especially does) than kids. These goats do not require spending extra money on their food and shelter. So it's been a benefit for farmers.

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