Wound Care CPT Code

Any damage or break on the surface of the skin including mucous membrane is known as the wound. There are different types of wounds that can appear i.e. skin tears, abrasions, burns, and paper cuts. If an incision is made during surgery, it is also a type of wound.

    Wound Vac Placement CPT Code

    A wound vac placement is used to remove the pressure above the wound. In this procedure, a small gauze or foam is placed on the wound to cover and an adhesive film helps to insert a tube connected to the vacuum. The CPT code of this procedure is 97605- 08.

    CPT Code For Wound Debridement

    Wound debridement is a procedure of removing the dead necrotic cells from the wound. These cells actually stop healing of the wound and require removal. It is also performed to remove the foreign material from the wound. The CPT code of this procedure is 11042- 47.

    Wound Care CPT Code

    CPT Code For Wound Closure

    Wound closure is the procedure of closing wounds after the surgical procedure is done. Wound closure is of two main types i.e. primary and secondary. In primary wound closure, the wound is stitched with sutures and it starts healing. The CPT code is 12020 and 12021.

    CPT Code For Wound Exploration

    The CPT code used for wound exploration is 20103. It is a procedure of inspecting any foreign body or dead necrotic cells within the wound zone. The physician performs the procedure and then with wound debridement, these foreign bodies are removed.

    Wound Culture CPT Code

    Wound culture is a diagnostic test to check the types of germs found in the wound. The procedure involves taking a sample of skin cells, tissues or fluid and added to the culture substance. After a while or days, if there is any growth found, the result is positive. The CPT code is 87077, 87140, 87143, 87147 and 87149.

    CPT Code For Irrigation Of Wound

    Irrigation of wound involves flowing of fluid over the wound for the purpose of hydration, having deeper investigations of the wound and for removal of debris from the wound. The procedure also helps the wound to heal properly. The CPT code of this procedure is 96.59.

    Wound Washout CPT Code

    Wound washout, as the name indicates, the procedure of removing dead, necrotic cells from the wound to make it clear and heal properly. The dead cells along with infectious and debris are removed during the procedure. The CPT code of this procedure is 11042- 47.

    Wound Dressing CPT Code

    The wound dressing is the procedure of covering the wound with a sterile pad or compress in order to promote healing and stop further interaction with environmental germs. The bandage is applied on top to hold dressing on spot. The CPT code is 97597- 97598.

    CPT Code For Packing Wound

    Packing of the wound, as the name indicates, is the procedure of packing the wound. It protects the wound from the external environment and promotes healing. A surgical gauze is used for intact dressing. The CPT code of this procedure is 12021.

    CPT Code For Wound Care Visit

    If a patient has no healing wound, then he requires multiple visits to the hospital for complete healing. On every visit, the dressing is changed with the ointment (promoting healing). If required, culture tests are also performed. The CPT code is 97602.

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