Barzona Cattle Disadvantages, Advantages, Uses, Price

Barzona cattle are commonly found in the United States as a domestic breed. In the 1940s and 1950s, within the inter-mountain, high desert region of Arizona, these cattle were developed. It is a perfect combination of four different cattle breeds i.e. Hereford, Angus, Beef Shorthorn and Afrikander cattle. This hardy breed is not purebred and is specially designed to fight against diseases and insects with good body heat. Barzona cattle can easily adjust itself in the native area of Yavapai which is a country located in Arizona state. These cattle can easily live in rocky areas and can survive on scattered feed.

    Barzona Cattle Disadvantages

    There are multiple benefits of Barzona cattle but little or disadvantages. Their mother breeds do not have many disadvantages. These cattle are calm and not angry plus they can easily adapt to the climatic environment. They are specially designed for greater benefits and fewer or no disadvantages. The only disadvantage associated with them is recognition. These cattle cannot identify anyone from the outside. They are not much active to walk around and identify things. Any outsider can easily get to them. Barzona cattle usually stay inside and do not go out which makes them hard to identify any outsider.

    Barzona Cattle Disadvantages, Advantages, Uses, Price

    Barzona Cattle Advantages

    Barzona cattle breed is active and hardy. They are specially bred for extraordinary characteristics. They adapted their native land and climate very well. Their calving property is very good. The Barzona cows are fertile and can get pregnant every year. The process of calving is not difficult at all. Their feet and legs are strong and hardy which helps them to fight in tough conditions. Their special property is their heated body. Their body can fight against or better say have resistance to different health diseases. They are also resistant to insects. Barzona cattle are calm and can be handled easily.

    Barzona Cattle Uses

    Barzona cattle are mainly used for the beef production. Their meat is lean and nutritious. Their meat is high in ratio of lean to fat. Their body is medium sized. They produce quality meat which can be sold in market at high price. The ancestral breeds of Barzona cattle also have heavy bodies and are mainly known for meat production. These cattle can also produce milk but not enough to sell in the market. The quality of milk is not so good and is only enough for the calves. Considering this fact, Barzona cattle are raised for the beef production.

    Barzona Cattle Price

    Barzona cattle are the perfect proportion of four different cattle breeds which have higher price in the market. So the blend of these cattle is also expensive. As this cattle breed have no or little disadvantage with greater benefits, so farmers prefer them. Their calving ability is also good and can give birth to calves almost every year. These characteristics makes them superior among other breeds. The average price of a mature Barzona cattle is about 1600 to 9100 dollars. This price range may differ in different regions. Sometimes they are sold according to their weight i.e. greater the weight, greater will be the price.

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