Hampshire Sheep Pros and Cons, Temperament, Price

The other name of Hampshire sheep is Hampshire down sheep. In 1829, this breed was first discovered, originating from the United Kingdom. It came into being as a result of breeding an old Hampshire breed with Southdowns sheep. It is an old breed which was previously known as the Berkshire Nott and the Wiltshire Horn. John Twynam was the person who crossed Cotswold rams with the Hampshire flocks. Hampshire sheep are named after the place of their origin. Hampshire is the country present in the South coast of England. In the current century, these sheep are available throughout the world.

    Hampshire Sheep Pros

    The main advantage of Hampshire sheep is meat production. It is the primary use of these sheep. They can graze on grass and do not require any special feed. These sheep look for some herbs which they consume into muscle and fiber for their strength. They convert food into energy more accurately than other breeds. It is not only a meat sheep but also serves with wool production. The meat of Hampshire sheep is sold in various countries because it is of high quality. They are used for commercial purposes and farmers have to take care of them keenly. Their wool is used for making fabric and other items.

    Hampshire Sheep Pros and Cons, Temperament, Price

    Hampshire Sheep Cons

    There are multiple benefits of Hampshire sheep but there are some drawbacks too. These sheep are originated from the United Kingdom and are transported to multiple countries so some special requirements should be maintained for their growth and development. Proper fencing and labor is required for their vigilance and control. There is a risk for predator attack. These sheep can easily be caught up by the animals. There is a lack of mainstream products demand. There is no proper infrastructure. There are small industries which get serviced by these goats. Hampshire sheep do not serve on a large scale.

    Hampshire Sheep Temperament

    The Hampshire sheep are alert and can respond to small things happening around them. They are hardy and can survive in extreme climatic conditions. They usually lay back and watch first, but if they get angry, they can attack on anyone around them. Usually they are quiet and calm. Their calm attitude is a plus point for the farmers. Their aggressiveness is not harmful and can’t cause injury to anyone. Their breeding session is long and ewes produce multiple kids in a single breeding season. Their body produces up to 2.7 to 4.5 kg fleece.

    Hampshire Sheep Price

    These sheep are multipurpose sheep that affect their price. The price is high because of quality meat they produce and quality wool they have on their body. The breeding also affects the price. The mother breeds transfer their qualities to their kids improving their worth. The average price range of an adult Hampshire sheep is $550 to $3000 which is quite expensive. These sheep are worthy to spend money on because they can easily pay off double or triple the amount. Their wool and meat are sold separately at high rates. The prices may vary according to the weight of these sheep.

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