Amerifax Cattle Characteristics, Origin, Weight, History

Amerifax cattle have been fulfilling cattlemen aiming for higher yields and productivity in their livestock since the late 1970s. The Amerifax Cattle Association established this breed in the U. S. in 1977. The word "Amerifax" comes from a cross between American Friesian and Angus cattle. Genetically, they have 62.5% Angus and 37.5% Beef Friesian traits. Beef Friesians were introduced from Ireland to the U. S. in 1971. They are renowned for their production capacity. The Beef Friesian and Angus breeds are compatible and produce healthy and productive offspring. Amerifax cattle preserve all of the advantageous Angus traits on which cattlemen have relied and made money for over a century.

    Amerifax Cattle Characteristics

    These cattle are extremely fertile and have exceptional maternal traits. They have newborn calves that weigh 65-85 lbs. The combination of modest birth weight and large pelvic size in both bulls and females enables easy calving. Amerifax is well-known for its early development, with offspring effectively bred as young as a yearling. Females have exceptional mothering abilities and yield an abundance of milk without udder problems, resulting in calves with large weaning weights. Bulls are fierce breeders who can breed a huge number of females even within large pastures.

    The breed has a shorter gestation period, ranging from 274 to 280 days. Naturally, the shortened length makes calving easier as 10 days to 2 weeks shorter than most other breeds. Both males and females have gentle temperaments that make them ideal for any activity. Amerifax is simple to manage to result in lower initial investment and less maintenance on handling equipment.

    Amerifax Cattle Characteristics, Origin, Weight, History

    Amerifax Cattle Origin

    This breed was developed in the United States in 1977 by the Amerifax Cattle Association. A cross between the American and Angus Friesian cattle derives the word 'Amerifax.' According to their genetic makeup, they have 62.5 percent Angus and 37.5 percent Beef Friesian characteristics. 

    Amerifax Cattle Weight

    Amerifax cattle are polled and come in a range of colors, including red and black. The breed has excellent carcass characteristics as well as weaning and yearling efficiency. Calves from straight British breeds are 75-100 lbs bulkier at weaning. Amerifax calves grow rapidly in the feedlot. Fully grown  Amerifax steers have a high cutability rating and weigh between 1050 and 1200 lbs while Bulls hit yearling weigh between 1100 to 1200 lbs. Similarly, a fully grown mature bull weighs approximately 2000 lbs. Males and females have excellent fleshing abilities and natural volume. Amerifax cattle have a long lifespan and will be a valuable addition to any herd.

    Amerifax Cattle History

    Amerifax cattle are a "Made in the USA" breed. The National Amerifax Association was established in 1977, which gave birth to this American breed. American Friesian-Angus Cross is the origin of the word "Amerifax." Beef Friesians were first imported to the United States from Ireland in 1971. While the Beef Friesian was created with a dual intent in mind, it had been bred for nearly a century with a focus on beef production. On the other side, the Holstein-Friesian was bred exclusively for dairy production.

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