Oxford Sandy and Black Pig characteristics, Litter Size, Weight, Lifespan

The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is a moderate-sized pig with a healthy, vigorous gait and a powerful, pretty straight head with lopped or semi-lopped ears. The name of the breed is due to its distinctive coloring, which is a sandy, black-spotted coat. The pig is attractive to look at and it has good reproductive ability. It swiftly finishes out as a natural browser and forager that is beneficial for farmworkers. The breed has a thin skeletal structure and a good meat-to-bone proportion on the carcass. It does not readily absorb fat and generates lean meat with no visible marks. The breed serves two purposes: it produces high-quality fresh meat as well as bacon and hams.

Oxford Sandy and Black Pig characteristics, Litter Size, Weight, Lifespan
The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig, also known as the 'Plum Pudding' or 'Oxford Forest Pig,' is among the earliest British pig varieties dating back at least two centuries. The breed is intimately related to the Berkshire and Tamworth pigs located in neighboring areas and was historically kept by farmers and cottagers, particularly in Oxford shire. There are some thoughts that it is a crossbreed, others believe it is a new breed, and some believe it's simply a genetic variation from the other breeds.

In the past, numbers have fallen low enough that extinction was a real possibility for the Oxford Sandy & Black. The lack of a breed book worsened the problem, but this was remedied in 1985 when the breed society was established.

    Oxford Sandy and Black Pig characteristics

    Because it is a natural forager and browser, the Oxford Sandy and Black can withstand most environments and is well adapted to an outdoor system. This breed is considered to be both prolific and known for maternal traits. They are famous for their outstanding attitude and good motherhood.

    The Oxford Sandy and Black is a remarkable breed with a pale sandy to stain color palette, black spots, pale feet, and lop ears. Their faces are slightly concave in the middle and narrow at the cheeks. The breed ranges in size from medium to large.

    Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Litter Size

    The Oxford Sandy and Black is a stunning, graceful, and delightful pig with a very good temperament. The size of a litter can range from 8 to 16.

    Oxford Sandy and Black Weight

    The average weight ranges between 285-320 pounds (129-145kg). This varies depending on the feed and the environment in which the pigs are raised. 

    Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Lifespan

    The average lifespan of most pigs is between 8-12 years, but this varies greatly in different breeds and factors that cause variation are environment, feed, genetic predispositions to diseases, and innate ability to be resilient.

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