Lineback Cattle Temperament, Facts, Size, Milk Production, Origin

Lineback Dairy Cattle, also recognized as Witrick, is a dual-purpose breed of cattle descended from the Holstein breed and closely related to Randall cattle. Though not a prevalent breed they can be spotted on feedlots throughout North America in small proportions as "productive pets" alongside larger herds of other dairy cattle breeds.

The Lineback is distinguished by its color-sided complexion, with a black base and nose and a skunk-like white stripe or finching along the spine. 

Due to the breed's rarity, alterations such as red Lineback and cattle with a heavily speckled pelt rather than a unique stripe occur on occasion. Although the coloration attribute is typically predominant in offspring, the breed is frequently crossed with other dairy cattle.

    Lineback Cattle Temperament

    Lineback Cattle breed has a docile temperament. According to feedback received from farm owners, they are energetic and docile but sometimes they get stubborn and may difficult to control or manage.

    Lineback Cattle Temperament, Facts, Size, Milk Production, Origin

    Lineback Cattle Facts

    The Lineback has a spectacular coat that is mostly black on the edges with a white line running down the back and around the belly, as the name implies. They may be roan or white, with red or black speckles on the edges.

    The Witrick pattern, in which the cattle have striped or dark sides, a black nose, eyes, and ears, is one of two named patterns. They are classified into three distinct color styles white classic witrick, Dark sided witrick, and Dark Speckle witrick.

    Additionally, there are Gloucester linebacks with a dark blackhead, edges, and legs, a white abdomen white garters around the tops of the legs, and a unique white stripe throughout the back from head to tail.

    Lineback Cattle Size

    The average weight of a lineback cow is around 600-1100 lbs while the average weight of a lineback bull is close to 1000-1800 lbs.

    Lineback Cattle Milk Production

    Lineback Cattle cattle are an all-purpose breed, which means they were used as dairy, meat, and draught animals in the past. They good milkers with an average milk yield of 7-10 liters per day.

    Lineback Cattle Origin

    Linebackers first originated in America when English and Hollanders arrived in the country in the 17th-18th century. They originated mostly in Holland, Europe. Linebacks were multi-purpose animals that provided both milk and meat to their owners. Farmers made advancements in beef and dairy production of this breed as the 19th century progressed. While the Lineback remains a very stable breed that was and is significantly driven by Holstein blood, it has been bred over time for better dairy products due to its "high components."

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